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Chrome 27 Stable Web Pages Load 5% Faster on Average, Adds Conversational Search

Google today added the optimizations that load web pages 5% faster on average to the Chrome’s Stable release. The optimization was first launched last month in the Beta channel for a faster browsing experience.

“A 5% improvement may not seem like much by itself, but our estimates show that when you add up those saved seconds across all Chrome users, it totals to more than 510 years of people’s time saved every week,” wrote Chome team.

In addition, Chrome 27.0.1453.93 Stable for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame also contains following number of new items including:

  • “chrome.syncFileSystem API
  • Improved ranking of predictions, improved spell correction, and numerous fundamental improvements for Omnibox predictions. Please see the Help Center for more information on our updated policies,” informs Google.

Also, in this release, Google has made available the “conversational voice search” that was demonstrated at last week’s I/O.

The feature allows you to search by voice, but also transcribes your queries in real time and lets you use natural language, asking Google straightforward questions and getting straightforward answers, both read back to you by dictation and in actual Google search results.

The transcription feature is awesome, since you can actually watch Google try to anticipate what you’re going to say and then adapt in real time to the right query.

The new conversational search can be accessed by going to Google’s homepage and clicking the microphone icon in the search bar.

Conversational Voice Search in Chrome 27 Stable

If you’re seeing local search results for a different place than where you’re located, it’s easy to update your location by heading to google.com/preferences. “On the Search Settings page, click on Location and enter your current street address, zip code, city, state or country. Be sure to click Save!,” explains Google.

For example, if you just moved from Seattle to San Francisco and you’re still getting results for Pike Place when you search for farmers markets, update your location to be San Francisco.

Save you location for local search results on Google

Reminders, which are a new feature in the latest version of the Google Search app for Android released last week.

Now, Google allow you creating reminders from the desktop as well “when you search for events.” Use queries like [when is bonnaroo 2013?], [when is the first day of summer?], [halloween day] and Google shows a link that says: “Remind me on Google Now”.

Click the link and “Google Now will remind you 1 week before.” For now, notifications are only available if you use the Google Search app for Android, which also lets you manage reminders (delete reminders and set new ones).

You can create reminders using voice search and Google Now will show notifications.

Create Google Now Reminders on Desktop

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