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Chris Pirillo will promote Vista for only 1 Million U$D

No, seriously. I’ll do it. One million. That’s a drop in the bucket – 1/500th of what you’re planning on spending.

It’s a crazy idea. It’s insane.

You’ve got your work cut out for you with a mindnumbingly lackluster launch – and the remainder of your media blitz needs to be coherent. You need to begin illustrating Vista’s biggest strengths and benefits:

  • The new Start Menu can help you find things faster
  • Fast USB sticks can speed up your system instantly
  • Program-independent volume control will keep your sounds in check
  • The Windows Explorer exposes tons of file metadata
  • Parental controls will keep Mom and Dad happy
  • Checking for updates and problem solutions has never been easier
  • Guided Help takes interactive learning to the next level
  • Both wired and wireless network management are smarter
  • There’s an infinitely more stable video driver model in place
  • Hardware-accelerated eye candy on the desktop is awesome

It’s not just about selling a new operating system, though! You have to let people know where they can find help during this transitional period – when their software and/or hardware might not work like it used to work in XP. If you don’t address those issues head-on, Windows will start bleeding mindshare like never before.


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