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CES 2012: Microsoft Demoed Host of Windows 8 Features and Win8 Running on TI’s OMAP4460 Processor

At the CES 2012 in Las Vegas, last week, Microsoft Windows 8 was shown on a range of devices proving companies claims that Windows 8 will arrive with support of varying processor types.

Windows 8 Running on Texas Instruments OMAP4470 ARM processor: CES 2012

Among other, one of the demonstration at CES came from Texas Instruments, showing off its new OMAP4470 ARM processor inside powering a Windows 8 tablet. The company’s OMAP4470 processor clocked in at 1.8GHz, appears to be capable of delivering the performance users are seeking in a tablet PC.

“The tablet was capable of connecting to the Internet, and showed smooth scrolling on a CNN news site proving that Windows 8 will be able to deliver great performance on ARM, although many are skeptical about the success of the pair,” reports CNet.

It is 20 percent faster than TI’s OMAP4460 and also features a faster PowerVR SGX544 GPU.

“Combining the OMAP 4 platform’s unique capabilities with Microsoft’s seamless interaction of touch, mouse and keyboard via Windows 8 will deliver a streamlined, fast and fluid experience,” Deepu Talla, gm, OMAP mobile computing, wireless business unit, TI, stated.

“Reimagined, Windows 8 is a fast and fluid, touch-first OS that brings a new range of capabilities without compromise,” said Aidan Marcuss, senior director of Windows Core Marketing & Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp.

Also, the beta of Windows 8 in February, will bring a host of new features and capabilities to users. In the Microsoft booth on the show floor, Microsoft officials showed off Build No. 8175 — considered by many company watchers to be a pre-beta build — of Windows 8. (The actual beta build is due to go to the public by late February.)

At CES 2012, Microsoft showcased some of the features that will be included in the upcoming beta of Windows 8 including, the capabilities such as:

  • Uers will be able to change the Start Screen’s background at a certain point
  • A translucent Charms Bar
  • A new touch gesture, which offer users the possibility to hide Metro apps from view
  • A new video/music Metro app player
  • Various mouse and keyboard enhancements
  • New Microsoft Music, Microsoft Calendar and some kind of Microsoft Camera apps
  • Ability to swipe down to make a running app disappear from the screen
  • Semantic zoom — the ability to minimize the tiles so as to view entire groups on a single, pannable screen
  • The ability to use a mouse to pan across a screen to simulate the way you can use your finger to scroll
  • Photo Feedr: A centralized hub that allows users to quickly find photos, whether they’re stored on their Windows 8 machines and/or in the cloud (SkyDrive?)
  • A centralized messaging hub that seemingly works like the one on Windows Phone, allowing SMS, Twitter and Facebook message threads to be integrated (or not), as users prefer
  • Media Center
  • .Net Framework 3.5 support

Windows 8 will arrive on the market with support for touchscreen displays, being aimed mainly at tablet PCs, but will also be loaded on non-touch computers, and Microsoft needs to provide these with specific capabilities.

Windows 8 is expected to hit the shelves on Intel architectures this year, while making it inside ARM devices in 2013. Analysts suggested that Windows 8 on ARM might be too late to the party, but things might turn out differently in the end.

While a few of the PC OEMs at the show, such as Lenovo and Kupa, talked up what they’ve got coming specifically for Windows 8, most of them predictably stressed that new ultrabooks, laptops and tablets that ship in the next few months will work great with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

ASUS execs said that they are expecting to have their first Windows 8 ARM tablet on store shelves before the end of calendar 2012.