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Tips, tricks, cheat sheet and best practices.

Google Tips for Publishers to Succeed in Google News

Google offer publishers with SEO optimization best practices to succeed in Google News over the coming year.

Google Publishes Documentation for ‘Dynamic Rendering’ JavaScript Sites

Dynamic rendering is good for indexable, public JavaScript-generated content that changes rapidly, or content that uses JavaScript features that aren’t supported by the search engine crawlers.

Video: Learn How AdMob Mediation Works

How to use the Mobile Ads SDK to display ads from AdMob and DoubleClick for Publishers.

Verify Facebook Business Page for People to Know your Profile is Authentic

Verified business page helps pages rank higher in search, builds trust with potential customers as well as exisiting audience, and makes sure people know your page represents the real you.

Matched Content, Mobile Optimized Ads Recommendation

Matched content can help capture visitor attention and loyalty by showing relevant content which could increase pageviews on your site. Optimize mobile ads.

Upgrade Windows Phone 8.1 Fleet to Windows 10 Mobile with Microsoft Intune ‘All At Once’

Microsoft shows how to upgrade Windows Phone 8.1 fleet of phones to Windows 10 Mobile using Microsoft Windows Intune.

Native Outlook Web App for iPhone, iPad and OneNote Windows Store App Update Released

New Office 365 with Exchange Online, required to use OWA for iPhone, iPad. OneNote Windows Store app for touch and Office 365 updates. Free 12-months Xbox LIVE with Office 365.

Dev Channel Update Adds Better OS Integration in Chrome Packaged Apps

Latest Chrome Dev channel brings Chrome packaged apps richer access to Google services, better OS integration. Google granted ‘Providing results to parameterless search queries’ patent.

Celebrate 4th of July Nokia Music-Internet Explorer’s Mix Party

Power up 4th of July independence wiht Nokia Music Mix Party. Garage Series for Office 365: latest in eDiscovery and data loss prevention.

YouTube Pro Series: Creators to Answer to your Burning Questions

YouTube Pro Series–Expert Panelists answer your questions about pitching ideas and working with advertisers to created branded deals. Sign up for Maker Camp 2013.

New Google+ Plugins with Recent Google Plus Visual Style Improvements

New plugins more consistent with Google+ style: Google+ Follow button, Communities badge; updated Pages/Profiles badges. Now easier to move, download, upload +Photos. Best practices for +Page identities and YouTube API.

Google Adds More BYOD Management Features for Android Devices to Google Apps

Google Apps gets new “bring your own device” (BYOD) management features for Android device. Install Android 4.3 on Galaxy S4

New TV Cards and Google Offers in Google Now

Google Now brings you the information you need before you even ask, and today adding new TV and Google Offers cards to help connect you with more information throughout your day. Add a cloud backend to your app right from IDE using Android Studio.

Welcome to the New Google Groups in Gmail

Google retires old version of Google Groups–bringing the new Groups to everyone in the Gmail.

How To Use Custom Domains with Office 365

New Microsoft easy-to-navigate setup wizard helps organizations setp up custom domains with Office 365 faster and easier.