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Batch Shipyard Seamless Integration with Azure Batch – Azure ML Now Available in Azure Germany

Azure ML as Part of IoT Suite generall available in Azure Germany. Deep Learning, Simulation and HPC Applications with Batch Shipyard and Azure Batch. Final release of TypeScript 2.0.

.NET Core Free Open Source Platform 1.0 September 2016 Update Released

.NET Core 1.0.1. It is the first .NET Core 1.0 Long Term Support (LTS) update.

Developers on Google Play Can Now Reply to User Reviews

Android developers now reply to user reviews directly from Google Play Developers Console.

TypeScript Programming Language: A Superset of JavaScript

Microsoft’s new open and interoperable programming language introduced today, called “TypeScript” solves a very specific problem – getting JavaScript development to scale.

Microsoft is building the TypeScript “superset” of JavaScript to provide the “syntactic sugar” needed to build large applications and support large teams, Soma Somasegar, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’ Developer Division …

Microsoft Codename “Cloud Numerics” Lab Refresh Released

Microsoft codenamed “Cloud Numerics” Lab from SQL Azure Labs has been refreshed.

For those not aware, “The “Cloud Numerics” lab is a numerical and data analytics library for data scientists, quantitative analysts, and others who write C# applications in Visual Studio. It enables these applications to be scaled out, deployed, and run on …

Tapping into the Power of Kinect for Windows: Human Presence Detection; Augmented Reality Living Room Table; The World of Coca Cola; [Kinected] Robot

Kinect for Windows HacksKinect for Windows Hacks

We’ve all seen Kinect: the amazing game input device for Xbox 360 that enables controller-less console game play and control of other Xbox experiences.

It’s fascinating to discover how this device uses array microphones, a projected IR dot pattern, an IR camera, and a regular RGB camera to sense …

File History Windows 8 Backup Application Explained; Free eBook ‘Programming Windows 8 Apps’; OEM Licensing Cost Between $50 to $100

Backing up your critical files is something we all know we should do. With Windows 8, Microsoft is taking a new look at the way backup can work and set out to solve the perennial problem of not just restoring all files but restoring a previous version of a critical file you have been editing …

Windows Azure: Introducing Python; Lingo Jingo Social Language Learning App

For those running a PC on Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 — Microsoft today offering a treat in the form of Windows 8 Pro upgrade for just $39.99 until 2013.

Annoucing the offer, Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc in a blog entry wrties, “We set out to make it as easy as possible …

Servo Controlled Face Tracking & RoboCam with Kinect SDK v1.5; Kinect Accelerator Gaining in Seattle

Kinect Hack: Servo Controlled Face Tracking and RoboCam with Kinect SDK and C#Kinect Hack: Servo Controlled Face Tracking and RoboCam with Kinect SDK and C#

In the latest Kinect hack, this Kinect & PAC’s (Programmable Automation Controller) project, shows off a new feature in the Kinect for Windows SDK v1.5, Face Tracking.

‘This is a quick-and-dirty experiment using the Kinect SDK v1.5 (released on Monday 5/21) with face tracking features. The laptop I’m using …

BigQuery Big Data Analytics Now Available to all Businesses; New V8 Speed Improved by 25%; Introducing Ceres Solver Nonlinear Least Squares Solver

Back in November last year, Google launched “BigQuery” in a limited preview to help businesses and developers start using it for real-time Big Data analytics in the cloud. Today, the comapny is making BigQuery publicly available, to bring Big Data analytics to all businesses via the cloud.

“BigQuery is accessible via a simple …

Microsoft Casablanca: A Modern C++ API for Connected Computing

Microsoft Developer Division Labs rolled out a new set of libraries for C++ developers, codenamed “Casablanca,” which is designed to make it easier for C++ coders to consume and implement RESTful services.

What does Casablanca provide, exactly?

“Casablanca is a Microsoft incubation effort to support cloud-based client-server communication in native code …

Offline OWA Access in Exchange 15; Imagine Cup @10 Has 1.25M Students Worldwide; Microsoft Named in Top 3 Best Corporate Citizens 2012 List of CR Magazine

Corporate Responsibility Magazine has announced that Microsoft was named among the Top 3 Best Corporate Citizens for 2012. Now in its thirteenth year, the list ranks companies based on publicly available information in seven categories: environmental impact, climate change, human rights, philanthropy, employee relations, financial performance and governance. …

Microsoft Cooking Up Windows 8 SKU for China; Watch ‘Windows 8 & C++, Windows 8 Deep Dive; Windows Phone & HTML5’

Coming fall, Microsoft will be releasing the upcoming new Windows operating namely Windows 8.

Microsoft is reportedly working on various international flavors of the upcoming platform which is optimized for touch-devices, including a special flavor of Windows 8 for China.

The “Windows 8 for China” will arrive as a …

Google+ Hangouts API Out of Preview; Introdcing Flatten CSS Imports; New Features Added to OAuth 2.0 Playground; Go 1 Open Source Programming Language Released

To help web designers, Google announced “mod_pagespeed,” which now supports the new “flatten_css_imports” feature, which automatically optimized the same web page by flattening the imported CSS files into their parent — thus eliminating the use of @import, which costs an additional HTTP request, serial round-trip between browser and server, since the browser does not …

JavaScript to Dart Synonym App Bridges the Gap between the two World

Dart Structured Web Programming LanugageDart Structured Web Programming LanugageIn order to bridge the Dart and JavaScript worlds, Google Chrominum team made available the “JavaScript to Dart Synonym app” that maps between JavaScript and Dart eases your introduction to Dart and gives you a sense of where the project is going.

“We started with the basics that every JavaScript and …