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Google Play Kicks Off P2P App Offline Installs Beta and Android Protected Confirmation

Offline Google Play peer-to-peer sharing presents a new distribution opportunity for developers while helps users in keeping their apps up to date.

Office Lens Getting Immersive Reader for Android and More Features Coming This Month!

Office Lens for Android to get an immersive reader, snap to the edge, tap for select features as part of October update.

Bing Mobile Search Results Now Supports AMP Pages

Bing AMP viewer and Bing AMP Cache enable AMP web pages to work directly from Bing mobile search results released.

Google Expands ‘Android Enterprise Recommended’ with Rugged Devices

New rugged phones category validated by Google should provide enterprise customers with a longer device lifetime.

Google Go Now Read Out Web Pages Aloud

Google Go browser’s new natural language processing and speech synthesis AI powered feature lets everyone listen to webpages.

Google Fit Redesigned With New Health-tracking Rings

Google says both “move minutes” and “heart points” metrics are an attempt to “abstract away the complication” of fitness tracking.

Android 9 Pie With AI-powered Gesture-based Navigation Released On Google Pixel Phones

Android 9 Pie is baked with AI-powered features to make phone smarter experience simpler that adapts to you and help you achieve digital wellbeing.

Microsoft News Powers MSN & News App for iOS and Android

A new way to stay informed across the Web, Windows 10, iO, Android and other Microsoft porperties.

Google Bring Offline Neural Machine Translation to Android & iOS

Google Translate offline NMT will get you high-quality translations even when access to an internet connection is not feasible.

Apple Incorporates Anti-web Tracking Tools in iOS 12

Shared AR experiences, fun new ways to communicate using Memoji and Animoji, and Screen Time come to iPhone and iPad with iOS 12 this fall.

Android P Beta Packed with Machine Learning At Core

Android P Beta’s new gesture navigation, redesigned Overview screen with cards, updated “Markup” screenshot editor.

Google Extends Advanced Protection Program to Native iOS Apps

Google entices iOS users by extending its Advanced Protection Program to works with all native Apple Apps.

Google Assistant On Wear OS Gets Smart Suggestions & Actions Plus More Features

A watch running Wear OS by Google now let you ask Google Assistant for help, just press and hold the power button.

Google Launches “More Results” Button for Mobile Searches

“More results” button makes it easier & faster to get more search results on mobile.