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Hack Gets You Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update on Unsupported Lumia Phones

For those who wish to ignore Microsoft’s performance advisory and get Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update on to older Windows Phone devices, it’s now possible..

Google Webmaster Resources for Hacked Sites, WordPress Cheat Sheet, SEO Starter Guide

‘Help for hacked sites’ lets recover hacked sites, with detailed information on specific issues. New how-to cheat sheet for WordPress or blogger, Google SEO Starter Guide. Building mobile-optimized websites guide add 11 new languages.

Twitter Approx. 250K Users Account Compromised; Add Twitter Handle to Foursquare

Foursquare now lets add you, Twitter handle to connect with your customers. Twitter “attackers may have had access to limited user information for approximately 250,000 users.”

Kinect Price Drops in the U.S to $109.99 – Launches Presidential Election 2012 Hub on Xbox LIVE; Nissan Pathfinder Virtual Showroom Powered by Kinect for Windows; Kinect Magic Cursor App for Windows 7

Microsoft reduces the permanent pricing of its gaming controller Kinect. The new reduced price will be US $109.99 in the United States.

In additon, there will be also a “permanently reduced price in North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions where Kinect is sold,” Microsoft stated.

Additionally, on October 4, …

Google Announces ‘Manage Routing, Basic Filtering of Email’ for Apps Administrators, Continuing Postini to Google Apps Transition, Announces $2Million Rewared for Pwnium 2 Competition

Google integrating Postini features in to Google Apps, Transition to continueGoogle integrating Postini features in to Google Apps, Transition to continue

Back in July 2007, Google acquired Postini, and since than, they’re integrating its security and compliance capabilities directly into Google Apps such as “user policy management; email content filters; archiving, retention and eDiscovery with Google Apps Vault” and more.

Today, in a blog post, Google announced a new feature …

KinÊtre Uses Kinect for Windows to Animate in Real-time; Netflix Xbox 360 App for Kids Comes; Fall 2012 Dashboard Update Adds Native ‘Play To’ to Xbox 360

KinÊtre–a new Kinect for Windows project developed by a team at Microsoft Research Cambridge–makes the process quick and simple enough that anyone can be an animator who brings inanimate objects to life.

“KinÊtre uses the skeletal tracking technology in the Kinect for Windows software development kit (SDK) for input, scanning an object as …

Yahoo! Confirms Hacking of 450,000 Email IDs & Passwords, Fixed the Vulnerability, Says – 3D Flip Debut on Yahoo! Mobile

Yahoo! confirmed that on July 11, a group of hacker published approximately 450, 000 email addresses and passwords associated with Yahoo! Contributor Network online.

The company said that the information included account information from Yahoo! Email, Yahoo! Voices and other services.

The attack reportedly targeted Yahoo services …

Tapping into the Power of Kinect for Windows: Human Presence Detection; Augmented Reality Living Room Table; The World of Coca Cola; [Kinected] Robot

Kinect for Windows HacksKinect for Windows Hacks

We’ve all seen Kinect: the amazing game input device for Xbox 360 that enables controller-less console game play and control of other Xbox experiences.

It’s fascinating to discover how this device uses array microphones, a projected IR dot pattern, an IR camera, and a regular RGB camera to sense …

Whitepaper ‘Security in Windows Intune’; TechEd Europe 2012 Videos: ‘Windows Server 2012, Windows Azure, Project Roslyn, and Windows Security’

Security in Windows Intune, a new free white paper published by Microsoft, describes the security features of the Windows Intune service and gives customers information they need to use Microsoft’s cloud-based device management solution with confidence.

The Security in Windows Intune Whiepaper covers the topics such as:

  • Windows Intune Cloud …

Google Now Ported to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich; 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 Rumored; iPad 9.7-inch; Amazon Smartphone; Woz Windows Phone “Is a Convergence of Art and Technology”, Wants a Surface Tablet

Now, you need not to wait for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) enabled smartphone or your carrier pushing out update to ICS to try out “Good news,” as the developers over at the XDA Developers forums ported Google Now from Android Jelly Bean to devices running Andorid 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you want …

Kinect Used with Vehicle for Physically Challenged; Helps the Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients

Kinect use with Vehicle for physically challengedKinect use with Vehicle for physically challenged

A new project listed today on Microsoft involving Kinect and Kinect SDK dubbed “Vehicle for physically challenged,” is novel in the sense that it develops a vehicle for physically challenged/disabled people allowing them to travel intra-city and intercity without getting off the wheelchair.

“Existing system are modified either to …

Kinect Hack: Kamehameha of DragonBallz Using Kinect

Another cool Kinect hack from Tomoto Shimizu Washio, who created the Ultra Seven Kinect hack, that allows you to shoot an energy wave like Kamehameha for Dragon Ball.

“Be Kamehameha of DragonBallz Using Kinect gives you superpowers where you could shoot a light wave like famous Kamehameha of DragonBallz,” …

Hackers Steal 6.5 Million Passwords using LinkedIn’s iOS App

Hackers Steal 6.5 Million Passwords using LinkedIn’s iOS App; Fix Submitted to the Apple Store

Kinect Help Autistic Students in Classrooms; Learn English Using “Human Body” Kinect App; “ShakeID” Multi-User Device-Display Interaction Sensing b Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research proposes ShakeID Multi-user device display interaction sensingMicrosoft Research proposes ShakeID Multi-user device display interaction sensing

Microsoft Research has proposed a new approach to users’ interaction with devices called “ShakeID,” capable of associating touches with a specific user when two people interact with a display at the same time. Thus, it can deliver the appropriate content to each of them, based on the location they touched the …

Windows 8 Release Preview Now Available Today, as of May 31, 2011 – Fujitsu’s Windows 8 and Android Tablets Roadmap Leaked

Microsoft is ‘possibly’ today, will release a Release Preview of Windows 8, according to a blog posts that briefly appeared on Microsoft’s new Windows 8 Hardware blog. The reported suggested May 31st would be the big day, and then the post quickly vanished from the blog and the web as well including Google / Bing …