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Apple Now Sitting on $145 Billion of Cash Pile – More Than Doubles Capital Return Program

Total of $100 Billion to be Returned to Shareholders by End of 2015. Posts $43.6b quarterly revenue, net profit of $9.5b. Celebrate 10th iTunes aniversary. WWDC Jun 10 in San Francisco. Jony Ive bringing flat design, visual overhaul to iOS 7.

Skype Hits 2 Billion Minutes Per Day Mark – SQL Server 2012’s 1st Anniversary Sweepstakes

Skype users spending more than 2 billion minutes connecting with each other per day. SQL Server 2012 1st anniversary daily Sweepstakes. Webmatrix 3 web-development tool bundle, SkyDrive for iOS v3 released.

Chromebook Pixel Teaser Video Leaks; Update for SolveForX Launches

Google Chromebook Pixel television commercial leaks. Google invites to collaborate on Solve for X. Valentines’ Day in LEGO.

Microsoft Announces Quick Office 2013 Guides; Bing Valentine’s Day Challenge

Microsoft offer nine handy Quick Start Guides for Office 2013 introducing you to the newest versions of office apps. Tami Reller, provides few new insights into Windows 8 and Windows RT mementum.

Black Friday Deals; Windows Phone 8 Jump Start; Windows 8 Anime PC and GodMode; XP’s 500-Day Death Countdown; Microsoft Patent Reveals ‘Augmented Reality Glasses’; Bing Tests New Social Sidebar

New Xbox LIVE AppsNew Xbox LIVE Apps

The following new apps launched on Xbox LIVE, including Univision and Absolute Radio. Here are the details:

UVideos (United States). With UVideos on Xbox 360, you easily toggle the on-screen language between English and Spanish and see full episodes of popular novelas. And with “Kinect for Xbox 360, it’s …

AdWords Adds ‘Campaign Diagnostics, Keyword Column’; Affiliate Network Makes ‘Searching and Sharing’ Seasonal Links Easier

Improvements to the AdWords interface launched today help saving time and help to manage campaigns more effectively. Here is what’s new today:

Keyword column in search terms report help you see the precise keyword that matched someone’s search term and triggered your ad. To see this new column in AdWords, “first open a …

Introducing Google+ Bowling Alley In Portland, Oregon, Coming Soon in NYC and California [Video]

Google bringing Google+ Bowling to Portland, Oregon, and would soon be launching in NYC and California. Google Bowling currently in beta testing will be free for players (probably until right around the time all the other bowling alleys in town go out of business).

What will Google+ Bowling offer? Why, bowling of course. …

SkyDrive Command Line Interface Brings DOS Syntax Back to Life

A new SkyDrive interface called “SkyDrive Command Line Interface” is now available. The premise behind SKyCMD is so users can navigate using old DOS commands, rather than navigate through their files with the flick of a finger or view photos with a click of a mouse.

April Fools SkyDrive Command Line InterfaceApril Fools SkyDrive Command Line Interface

“Starting today, you …

Welcome to the World of Black and White Photography with Flickr’s New Photo View

Flickr over the next 24 hours rolling out a new new default design for all photos view on Flickr – the will re-envisioned! photos.

“Your photos will be re-envisioned in a glorious black and white Atkinson Dither, removing the distraction of those many many megapixels and stripping your art back to its most …

April Fools’ Day Pranks: YouTube Collection; Cloud API; Google Fiber; Go Retro Go Ro; Gmail Tap

Google seems to have quite a plenty of free time, as the company every year spends hours in making countless pranks on April Fools’ Day through its special blog posts. This year again almost every official Google blog has lengthy prank posts.

The first hoax for this year comes from AdWords team, …

Keyword Research Tool, Webmaster API and More Added to the Bing Webmaster Tools – Coming Soon Bingbots’ Memoir

Bing Webmaster Center blog just posted about the four new Bing Webmaster tools features:

Organic Keyword research tool live now helps you do keyword research. For the data source for this tool, Bing built its own to run on organic search query volumes from Bing. “You simply type in your phrase, …

AdWrods Demographic Performance Report Deprecated; How to Get Viewers Watch, Not Skip YouTube TrueView Ads; Mobile Devices Mobile Helped Cupid’s Make the Day

Google deprecates Demographic performance reportGoogle deprecates Demographic performance reportGoogle is deprecating “Demographic performance report,” which allow you to see the performance of your ads by age groups and gender on the specific sites in the Google Display Network that provide this information.

“As part of a greater effort to simplify AdWords, the DEMOGRAPHIC_PERFORMANCE_REPORT is being deprecated and will no …

TechNet Goes Metro; HTML5 Love is in the Air! IE10 Demo; HTML5 vs Flash Infographic

Microsoft recently gave its TechNet center a new metro design. “Over the past twenty four hours we’ve been in release mode for TechNet and as you can see, the changes are striking. Be sure to checkout the layout, MegaBlade navigation, and other features,” posted Microsoft.

Microsoft TechNet Gets Metro UIMicrosoft TechNet Gets Metro UI

Also, …

Valentine’s Day 2012 Google Posts Video Doodle Using Tony Bennett’s Song

Happy Valentines Day 2012b– Google just posted a doodle on this Valentines day, which actually is a video composed by Tony Bennett’s song “Cold, Cold Heart” to tell the story of a boy who tries to find a gift for the girl he loves, but fails to impress her.

The doodle is available …

Optmize Your AdSense Ads with Quality Content; Six Tips to Create Engaging AdWords Ads for this Valentine; DFP API v201201 Released

Google AdSense team shared a short video to help publishers following best practices, as outlined on Google’s webmaster guidelines, when placing new ad units on your site.

“Placing additional ad units on your site can have a big impact on your earnings. However, sometimes publishers find it difficult to decide whether an additional …