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Bing Streamlines DMCA Take-downs and Copyright Removal Process

Webmasters now have ability to see what pages on their site have been impacted by “copyright removal notices” and appeal those decisions.

Bing Enhances DMCA Notices Submission via Online Form or API

Bing enhances the copyright infringement claims process (DMCA) with new easy-to-use online submitter dashboard.

Google-Belgian News Publishers Ends 6-year Old ‘Copyright’ Litigation

Google-Belgian News Publishers Ends 6-year Old ‘Copyright’ Litigation; Google Apps Offers ‘model contract clauses’ for EU Data Protection

U.K. Judge to Apple Replace “untrue and incorrect” Apology within 24–hours

U.K. Judge to Apple Replace “untrue and incorrect” Apology to Samsung Within 24–hours Acknowledging Inaccurate Comments

Content ID ‘New Appeals Process, Unintentional Claims Detection & Matching Quality’ – Live 2012 U.S. Presidential Debate on YouTube

YouTube Content ID, that help everyone from large media companies to up-and-coming creators manage their content when it appears on YouTube — is now used by over 3,000 content owners who have supplied more than 500,000 hours of reference files to the system, according to YouTube team.

Content ID that was launched five …

A Single Google Search Uses Same Amount of Computing as the Apollo Program; Blogger’s Dynamic Views Templates Now On Mobile Devices; Map Maker in Lesotho;

Google in a blog post published its findings of comparision of the amount of computation available to NASA engineers in 1969 versus what’s available now stated, “It takes about the same amount of computing to answer one Google Search query as all the computing done — in flight and on the ground — for the …

AdWords API September 2012 Release Schedule – AdSense Copyright Infringement Explained

At the end of September 2012, new major versions of the AdWords API will be released according to a published schedule, “these major releases will occur 3 times per year: at the end of February, in the middle of June and at the end of September,” posted AdWords API Team.

Panda v3.9.1 Algorithm Refresh, Aug 19th; 7 Blue Links on SERPs for a Domain; Free & Discounted Wi-Fi at Select U.S. Malls, Airports by Google Offers; Germany Drafts a Copyright Law, Proposes License Fees for Links or Excerpts

In the Google search news 08/22, first up, Google pushed an update to its Panda algorithm on August 19, now versioned at 3.9.1.

This updated affected less than 1% of search queries and is a “minor” Panda refresh.

“Panda data refresh this past Monday. ~1% of queries noticeably affected,” tweeted Google. …

Google Announces New Search Ranking Signal “Number of Valid Copyright Removal Notices” – 86 Search Quality Changes Made into SERPs for June and July 2012

Google Search, which currently has over 200 signals for its search algorithms — Starting next week, will be taking into account a new signal in rankings: “the number of valid copyright removal notices receive for any given site.”

In a blog post announcing the new signal, Google says, sites with high numbers of …

YouTube: Opens 4M CC BY Videos to Reuse, New Creator Space, New Method to Value of a Buffered Video, Experimental Carousel Homepage – Google Apps Developer Challenge Ready for Submissions!

YouTube in the next few weeks will be opening the doors to its new creator space, housed in the offices of Google London’s Soho office. With that YouTube partners from all over Europe, Middle East and Africa “will be able to book time in the space to create and collaborate with other creators, learn new …

Google Calls for Support for a free and Open Internet on July Fourth U.S. Independence Day

July Fourth (July 4th) Americas Independence Day, Statute of LibertyJuly Fourth (July 4th) Americas Independence Day, Statute of Liberty

On July Fourth, America celebrates its independence — with that, Google just shared a video made to celebrate the United States freedom of internet and the tools that support it.

“In the summer of 1776, 13 disenfranchised colonies spoke. It took days for their declaration to be …

Google’s Hybrid Approach to Research, Publishes Online Copyright Ingringement Report

Google started as a research project–and research has remained a core part of the companies culture till date. Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Slav Petrov, Senior Research Scientist and Alfred Spector, vp of research and special initiatives, recenlty published a paper, “Google’s Hybrid Approach to Research” to shed more light on Google’s approach to research. …

French Authors and Publishers Withdrawn Google Books Lawsuit – Swiss Court Switzerland Relaxes Rules for Street View

For the past six years, Google has been embroiled in a debilitating dispute over digitisation with French book publishers and authors. French authors and publishers sued Google for copyright violations back in 2006.

Also, U.S. authors and publishers also sued. Although Gooogle reached an agreement with the American Author’s …

Judge “Class Action is the Superior Method for Resolving this Litigation” Ruling in Google Book Scanning Lawsuit

In the long running litigation over Google Books-scanning project. Presiding Judge Dennis Chin ruled that the Authors Guild and a parallel trade organization for photographers could represent their members collectively against Google in the class action.

The Authors Guild brought a class action lawsuit against Google in 2005 for “massive” copyright infringement over …

Google Notified 500Million DNSChanger Infected Users; RIAA “Clear Facts” About Google Transparency Report; Post SPYW Google Traffic to Facebook Pages Dropped

On May 23, last week, Google began notifying users on Google.com as when the company detected that a users’ computers or routers were infected with malware called “DNSChanger”–and directed them to the tools they needed to clean their computer and ensure connectivity.

Today, Google said that they have “so far already …