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Latest updates about advertising offline and online (digital advertising).
Latest news about online ads from Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other digital advertising platforms.
As well as digital ads news from social networks, including Facebook ads, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn ads and more.

Microsoft Adds AI-powered ‘Competition tab, Performance Insights’ to Bing Ads

3 new artificial intelligence powered features added to Bing Ads include competition tab, performance insights and location recommendations:

Google Debuts Shoppable Image Ads, Helping Inspire Undecided Shoppers

New Shoppable Image ads formats intended to help advertisers inspire undecided shoppers.

Google Ads’ Advertisers Allowed Video In Showcase Shopping Ads

Google Ads is helping shoppers to discover new products and brands with video now allowed in Showcase Shopping ads.

Vertical Video Ads for YouTube TrueView & Universal App Campaigns Launched

Vertical video ads to provide a more seamless mobile experience for viewers on YouTube with TrueView and Universal App campaigns.

Facebook Announces New Overlays for Product Ads, Holiday Templates, Updates Collection Ads

Facebook creative enhancements that include new overlays for product ads, holiday templates and updates to collection ads aims to help advertisers make their products more visually appealing this holiday season.

Google Offer to Split Test Accelerated Mobile Pages in Google Ads

Google announces new cookie-based split test for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Pages in Google Ads.

Google Responsive Display Ads Now Default Ad Type for Display Format

Advertisers now deliver the relevant and engaging creatives across the web with machine learning powered responsive display ads.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads in Campaign Manager Available via Self-Service

Marketers on LinkedIn will now be able to create, manage and track Dynamic Ads campaigns through the Campaign Manager platform.

Facebook Offer Advertisers More Control Over Ad Placements on In-stream & Instant Articles

New visibility into ad placements on Facebook gives advertisers more control to place ads on Instant Article, In-stream Ads and Audience Network.

Facebook Ad Metrics Now Give More Holistic View of Web, App, and Offline Purchase Data

Updated ad metrics to give advertisers a more holistic view of how customers interact with their business across all platforms.

Facebook Canvas Ads Now Known As “Instant Experience” Gets New Features

Canvas is now called Instant Experience and has more capabilities to help businesses with different objectives.

Facebook Lets Travelers Book Flight With Flight Ads

Facebook allows advertisers to target users based on their travel-related web browsing history through Fllight Ads.

Google Exact Match Close Variants Now Include Same Meaning Variations

Powered by Google’s machine learning, exact match will now match with the intent of a search, instead of just the specific words.

Bing Ads Rolls Out Improved ‘Overview’ Tab and Report Downloads

Enhancements to Bing Ads inline download and Overview tab rolling out globally.

Google Ads Bans Ads From Third-party Tech Support Services

Google places restrictions on third-party tech support ads—rise in misleading ads coming from that category behind this new ban.

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