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Latest updates about advertising offline and online (digital advertising).
Latest news about online ads from Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other digital advertising platforms.
As well as digital ads news from social networks, including Facebook ads, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn ads and more.

Pinterest Launches New Advertising Tools to Create Ads and Pull Reports

Pinterest improves ad tools for businesses to define and size audiences, create ads and pull reports. along with an update to how-to articles.

Pinterest Introduces New Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

New Product Pins and shopping recommendations section is rolling out on the Pinterest.

Bing Ads Begin to Count Conversions Based on Time of Ad Clicks

Bing Ads now count conversions based on the time of the ad click, while Assists will now be reported based on the time of the ad click that leads to conversion.

Google Updates Shopping Insights for Exploring Popular Product and Brands

The new version of Google Shopping Insights help uncovers products and brands which are popular and trending up or down.

Google Ads Makes it Easier to Reach Users with YouTube Ads on Connected TVs

By launching new TV screens device category Google Ads making it easier to target YouTube ads to users on connected TVs.

Google Ads Report Editor Adds Two New Predefined Landing Page Reports

Google Ads adds two new predefined landing page report: landing pages report and expanded landing pages report to the Report Editor.

Facebook UK Political Ads to Carry “Paid for by” Disclaimer

Facebook will now show exactly who is paying for the online advertising to influence people votes in the UK.

Google Ads Tests New Look Native Ads in ‘Discover’ Section of Google App

Google began testing native ads again in Google Discover now with a new look and feel that is inspired by other organic cards.

Google Ads Changes Default Attribution Window for TrueView for Action Ads on YouTube

Google Ads updates default attribution window for TrueView for action ads to 10 seconds with a 3 day.

Facebook Introduces New ‘Creative Compass’ Tool to Measure Effectiveness of Facebook Ads

Creative Compass diagnoses positives and negatives of an ad creative across regions and empowers businesses to make accurate creative decisions.

Google Ads Begin Recording Small Percentage of Calls Initiated by Call-only Ad or Call Extension

Google Ads will use recording data of calls from call-only ad or call extension in order to detect fraud, reduce spam, and foster better call experiences.

Bing Ads Editor Allows Managing In-market Audiences in Bulk

In-market Audiences allows Bing Ads advertisers to expand the reach of their customers base to those who have not interacted with their site but are ready to buy.

Google AdSense Gives Machine Learning, Assistive Features to Publishers

Google AdSense now powered by machine learning (ML) introduces smarter sizing, better ad placements, new ad formats, and assistive features.

Bing Ads Disallow Political Candidate and Ballot Measure Ads in US

Bing Ads says it will remove any political candidate and ballot measure ads already running on their network starting in the coming weeks.

Pinterest Introduces New Measurement Solutions to Help Brands Measure Impact

Pinterest with Moat Measurement for viewability, and NinthDecimal for foot traffic, aims to help brands measure its impact on their business.

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