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“Browser Sign-In” Firfox Add-on Let You Sign into Websites Directly from Your Browser Toolbar

Mozilla, just released an early experimental add-on for Firefox, dubbed “Browser Sign-In,” that allows users to sign into supported websites with one click of a button in Firefox.

Once installed, you’ll see a new “Sign In” button just to the left of the URL box. Clicking this, pops open a window that prompts you for a username and password for the site you’re on. It then shows you when you’re signed into a site, and gives you one-click ability to sign out. Easy.

The best part is that this can be used with any type of log in — it can be a broad one like OpenID, or specific ones like a blog or even Facebook, Twitter, etc — again, if those sites were to implement something like this.

It’s worth noting that this feature doesn’t communicate with any server-side components, and doesn’t capture, store or transfer any personal information. The button is semantically the same as clicking “sign in” on a page: it just tells the page you want to sign in (or sign out) right now.

Websites can easily add support for this experimental feature by using a new JavaScript API that the add-on provides. It’s just a few lines to set-up, and it works with any website, regardless of what technology it uses for user sign-ins (BrowserID, OpenID, username & password, etc).

The feature activates when the page sets the navigator.id.sessions property. It can be empty if there are no active sessions (which means the user is signed out), or it can contain a session object like this:

navigator.id.sessions = [{ email: "[email protected]" }];

Then the page just listens for two events, “login” and “logout”, which the browser will send to the page when the buttons are clicked by the user. It’s that easy!,” explains Mozilla

Watch the video below for a short demo:

….And, download the add-on to try it out!

[Source: Mozilla]

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