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The Browser You Loved To Hate Site Goes Live!

A new Microsoft portal “The Browser You Loved To Hate” launched intends to help you learn about the features of Windows Internet Explorer 9. The site contains a lot of articles and videos.

“Some people are trying the new Internet Explorer and actually liking it. Not that they would say that out loud. Currious? It’s a new browser,” reads the site’s description.

“So keep using it. But there are probably a few sites that you go to everyday, like Facebook and Pandora. And for just those sites, try using Internet Explorer. By pinning Pandora to the taskbar you can get to Pandora in one click. And when you do, you might find some stuff you like in Internet Explorer,” Microsoft added.

“One of the more interesting trends these days is the number of Chrome and Firefox enthusiasts who have “added” Internet Explorer 9 into their browsing mix. While still using Chrome or Firefox for their more general browsing, these users are pinning a few of the key sites they visit every day – like Facebook and Pandora – with IE9 simply to get a more “app” like experience. It’s happening so often now that we decided to put up a small Tumblr to help others see how IE9 is fueling IE’s comeback, poke a little fun at ourselves, and encourage those that haven’t checked us out recently to “add” an IE9 pinned site to their Windows 7 taskbar,” said IE team.

Check out the site for more reasons Internet Explorer is actually good now.

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