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Broad Match Modifier Keyword Opportunity in Bing Ads Launches Globally

The global availability of Broad Match Modifier (BMM) Keyword Opportunity for Bing Ads is announced today offering a reliable, scalable way to apply keyword strategy helping advertisers to get the reach, traffic, and relevance for their ads.

For those unfamiliar with (BMM), “it’s a popular keyword strategy amongst advertisers seeking more relevant, high-quality traffic, and with more precision than broad match alone.”

BMM Keyword Opportunity exlusive to Bing Ads uses marketplace intelligence to suggest advertisers with the most optimal BMM keywords for their campaign. Thus, eliminates any guesswork while providing better performance from focused and relevant traffic.

The team notes, Bing Ads offer BMM opportunities only “if the system has determined good quality BMM keyword suggestions,” Bing ads team said. Otherwise, “none will be offered.”

According to post, Bing Ads offer two types of BMM keyword suggestions: “qualified keywords of BMM type that already bided on Exact or Phrase match,” and “Campaign-aware new BMM keywords related to existing keywords in the ad group or campaign context like ad copy, landing page and landing page URL.”

Here is how to get stated with optimizing with BMM Keywords:

First, go to Opportunities page, then look for the BMM Keyword Opportunity, and then click on the Opportunities Tab, to look for “BMM Keyword Opportunities suggested by Bing Ads for you.” You’ll then see “number of BMM keywords along with an estimated increase in impressions and clicks”, which you could realize and applying them.

While in advanced view, in addition to BMM keyword suggestions, you’ll additionally also see “suggested campaign, ad group, current match type for existing keywords, or ‘New’ indicating the new keywords, suggested bid and weekly estimated performance and spend,” bing explained.

There in the advanced view, you can change the suggested ad group and customize the bid as well as by leveraging “Filter” function, “you can also get a particular type of the BMM keywords with the attribute ‘Current match type or new’.”

Additionally, “any particular campaign with a BMM keyword opportunity, will also surface directly within Campaign’s page,” team said. Adding, in the delivery column, clicking the bulb icon, “will show it in the popup dialog.”

Finally, by click on Apply, the opportunity will be applied to your campaign, and will add a new BMM keyword with suggested or customized bid to the campaign.

You can see the above steps in picutes or the video below:

Review Broad Match Modifier Keyword Opportunities in Bing Ads

choose BMM keyword Opportunity in bing ads

apply BMM keywords Opportunity to bing ads campaigns

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