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BricaBox: The Social Content Platforms

BricaBox is a new type of service that combines elements of social networking and content creation into a medium it calls a “social content platform.” The NYC-based startup hopes to do for social content what Ning did for social networks. It launches quietly early this morning in public beta.

It probably seems like a thin difference, but within the social content platform lies an elegant concept. The site delivers a platform upon which any sort of content vehicle can be built.

Out of the box options include sites for restaurant reviews, photo and map mashups and video archives among others, but the real service is in the box labeled “Create a BricaBox from Scratch.”


  • Maps & Mashups – Using BricaBox’s simple drag-drop interface, you can quickly add mash-up places on your website with Google Maps.
  • Photos & Video – Create a BricaBox for you and your friends to share photos or video and you can do great things with them like blog
  • Voting & 5 star rating – How do you want your visitors to rate your content? Should they vote? Should they rate them with stars? With BricaBox, it’s up to you!
  • Data & Information
    • For Publishers: The BricaBox Platform is engineered to support the largest of publishers and content owners. We provide full theme customization, domain support, and state of the art hosting, giving you the ability to integrate seamlessly, without needing to involve your tech department.

      To speak with someone about using BricaBox, please contact us.

      In some cases, we will work directly with brands and content producers to develop custom solutions on our platform. If you are an agency or media brand, feel free contact our CEO, Nate Westheimer (nate -at- bricabox), for more information.

      Have you ever wanted to take your friends or audience and build your own social content website, inspired by YouTube, CitySearch, IMDB, Wikipedia, Yelp, or Flickr? It used to take thousands of dollars and computer programming knowledge to make a site where people could collaborate on content.

      Now, with BricaBox, you can have your own social content website, powered by you and your friends, group or audience, in just minutes, and for free! Click here to get started.

      We’ve taken the best of blogs and social networks, added some amazing new tools and features, and created a platform for you to create your own version of your favorite social content website. Choose from our one-click selection of BricaBoxes or create a totally custom version. Click here to get started.


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