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Blog Comments Vs. SEO & Link Building

By taking the time to comment on blogs, even one or two comments per day can lead to extremely positive results such as reputation building, expert positioning, and the building of inbound links, even if said blogs use the no follow attribute in their comment fields (and if they do not, all the better).

Blog Comment Etiquette: Why not worry about No Follows? Because ALL humans ignore No Follow. If you participate in a blog comment discussion and link to your site, chances are readers of that blog will follow the link … building to your site’s traffic. The more popular the blog, the more traffic you can build.

But do not place a signature link in the comment body itself except for critical circumstances. Linking to your own site in the comment body is not only spammy in nature, but can also get your name, site, email and IP flagged by ’social’ blog spam software like SpamKarma, and get your comments automatically deleted from dozens of blogs which use the application.

Using blatant Anchor Text instead of a handle or name in the Name field of blog comments can have the same result, so don’t do it!

Instead, just link to your site via the URL field in blog comments, this is an open invitation to link to your site.

The Value of Comment Links: If you take the time to comment on at least 3 blogs per day, with a back link back to your website, the end result will be an extra 100 incoming links per month, or 1,200 links per year – with little effort on your own part.

Even if those links are associated with a ‘no follow’, that’s ok. Why? Because they still count as backlinks in Yahoo Site Explorer. AND other search engines like Ask.com don’t even pay attention to the No Follow attribute.

The more backlinks counted by Yahoo also results in added recognition beyond SEO and can also bring monetary value to your website.

For example, Text Link Ads uses Yahoo Backlinks as a metric in determining the price of a link advertisement from your site (perfect example for publishers).

In a similar fashion, the SEOmoz PageStrength tool also counts Yahoo Backlinks into their equation, so a simple blog commenting campaign could influence your site’s PageStrength .. which you can then use as a proof of your site’s value when negotiating ad sales.

Not to mention the reputation you build for yourself by participating in comments, lending a helping hand, or just agreeing with someone. Think of blog commenting as an extension of forum participation, without the exclusivity of a forum.

So, before you go falling for one of those spammy blog commenting services like the one ripped apart by Darren Rowse of Problogger.net today, think about more efficient options in your blog commenting campaign.

  1. Take advantage of your staff : Your company has a staff of experts on hand. As part of their daily ritual, you should have them comment on a minimum of 3 blog posts per day. Once in the morning, once after lunch, and once before leaving. This method splits up the commenting so they are not overwhelmed and this does not interfere with their daily routine.
  2. Hire an Intern : One excellent way to train an intern is to have them read, process, and report on specific blogs on a daily basis. Have your intern show they understand the discussion in the blog by commenting on that blog and make sure they link back to your site in each comment.
  3. Have Your Linkbuilder Comment : Pay an SEO or Link Builder to build links for you? Discuss blog commenting as part of your link building package. If they are serious professionals, they will discuss the pro’s & con’s of blog commenting in your industry
  4. On the Mobile : If you commute to work via train, plane or carpool then you probably find yourself reading news from you industry’s niche blogs anyway. Find a way to comment from your cell phone or mobile device. If your phone or device cannot comment on blogs, the value of your commenting is well worth the purchase of a Smart Phone.

Source:→ SEJ Blog

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