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“BitLocker Wasn’t Used On 98.53 Percent of the PCs It’s Installed On’ Survey Report

Microsoft’s full-disk encryption feature isn’t being widely used, even where it’s part of Windows operating system, according to a survey by Opswat, who analyzed 35,000 reports from the 50 million network endpoints on which it manages apps using its OESIS software framework. It verifies the compatibility of security apps with other applications such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) VPN and network access control technologies.

“Of the 35,000 reports, nearly 90% of those computers weren’t using any hard-disk encryption products. A little over 8% had BitLocker installed, with a little more than 2% having some other encryption product. Of those machines with BitLocker, the app was actively encrypting on only 1.47% of computers, Opswat found. BitLocker wasn’t used on 98.53% of the machines it is installed on.

Microsoft added its BitLocker hard-disk encryption feature to “ultimate” and “enterprise” versions of Vista and Windows 7.

Security companies have also taken an interest in full hard-disk encryption by making acquisitions, including Symantec’s purchase of PGP and GuardianEdge, Sophos’ purchase of Utimaco and McAfee’s acquisition of SafeBoot.


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