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Bing Webmaster Tools API, Keyword Research, Markup Validation Tools Now Available!

Bing Webmaster Tools announced three new features including the new Bing Webmaster Tools API.

Keyword research tool allows you to perform keyword research on any phrase you enter. It resides within your WMT account and offers the ability to see query volume data on the phrase you enter, and related phrases, across many different countries and languages.

You can easily explore query volumes on keywords by simply clicking on any related keyword. All data within the tool is exportable, and Bing hold a history of up to 6 months for all phrases.

“Query data shown in the results within this tool are based on organic query data from Bing and is raw data, not rounded in any way,” posted Bing.

Bing Webmaster Keyword research tool

Adding, Bing notes, “One final feature is the History function. This keeps track of your last 25 queries. Clicking the History link gets you a popup window. Simply click on any of the past phrases shown in the list to have the system rerun the report on that phrase, saving you re-entering the data again and making it easy to flip between queries to double check data.”

This tool is found when you login, on the Keyword tab. Upon login, you see a simple interface with a few options to help you target country and langauge. You can also select “strict” to ensure results are restricted to the exact phrase to word you entered. Entering a phrase or keyword and clicking the Search button will bring back organic keyword query data for the phrase entered, as well as for related phrases.

Bing Webmaster Tools API allows you to easily use your Bing WMT data in other locations. If data is available inside the Bing Webmaster Tools, it’s currently available via the API as well. The main exceptions to this is our messaging and the keyword research data.

“You will need to either login to your account to use the keyword research tool presently, or set up email alerts to see any messages we post to your account. To access your Bing Webmaster Tools API, head to the main page when you login. Immediately below the Preferences option in the left hand navigation, you’ll see the option to access the API,” bing said.

Bing Webmaster Tools API

Markup Validation Tool feature allows webmasters to enter any URL and see what the markup looks like on the page, within the code.

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