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New Bing Powered Translator App for Windows Phone Adds ‘Offline, Speak, Type, Pojnt, Scan’ Translate Features

The new Translator App for Windows Phone powered by Bing comes with following new features. “Existing user of a previous version, will shortly see a notification to update,” Bing said.

“With Windows Phone, you literally have translations at your fingertips. Simply pin your preferred mode (or all of them) to the Windows Phone home screen. You can also pin the app itself to the home screen – to unlock a useful “live tile”, helping deliver a translation a day in the language of your choice,” Bing adds.

Here are the new features:

Point, Scan and Translate
You can now translate printed language by simply pointing the camera. “From street signs and posters to transit schedules and restaurant menus translating is now a snap. All you do is point and scan,” informs Bing. To see it in action, check out the video embedded below:

Offline Translation
No network connection — Simply download the language pack you need and the Translator App is functional offline.

Type and Translate
The new Translator App also enables instant translations using keyboard input. “When online, the supported languages for translation expand to over 30. For several of the languages you can also playback the spoken version of the translated sentence,” Bing explains. This is particularly handy for languages in a script you can’t read.

Speak and Translate
The voice translation let you communicate in English (both US and UK), German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Once in the mode and connected online, you simply tap the icon, speak and tap to translate.

Translator App for Windows Phone powered by BingPoint, Scan and Translate: Translator App for Windows Phone powered by Bing

Type and Translate: Translator App for Windows Phone powered by BingSpeak Translate: Translator App for Windows Phone powered by Bing

Translator for Windows Phone is now available completely free, on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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