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Bing Maps: Adds ‘Map App Ratings, Photosynth Panoramas, Map Overlays’ and more features

Bing Maps added some new features:

  • Bing Map App Ratings – Using the standard 5-star rating system (including half stars) you can voice your opinion on an application. To rate a map app just run app then hover over the stars on the map app card or flyout and click to rate. Note: you can only rate an app once. You can also sort Bing Map Apps by rating now.
  • Photosynth Panoramas – since Photosynth allows you to geotag your synths and those geotagged synths get pulled into Bing Maps, you can effectively pull ICE panoramas into Bing Maps! ICE synths will be displayed in Bing Maps via the Photosynth Map App. You can view a full list of ICE panoramas on the Photosynth site.
  • Map Overlays provide users with additional context of a larger map location such as a mall or theme park. With this release we’ll have overlays for The Woodland Park Zoo, The Seattle Art Museum, Discovery Park, The Seattle Arboretum, The Center for Urban Horticulture and The Bravern (the cozy little mall we work in). To enable, simply search for one of these locations and select respective location – Bing Maps will zoom down a bit closer. In left hand navigation, you’ll see a link to “See Attractions” or “See Mall Directory” (the text will vary based on the venue). Click the link and the map overlay will appear with a few (or all) of the listings clickable for you to see exactly where in the venue to find what you’re looking for. That’s the whole point of maps right? To find what you’re look for. Bing!
  • Action Bar is a set of buttons along lower left corner of Bing Maps which provide shortcuts to functionality native within Bing Maps. First, you’ll notice we’ve added a splash of color to liven things up. Next, we’ve added a Traffic button since traffic is one of the most commonly used features on Bing Maps. We’ve changed the “Legend” button which provided users with the ability to see active map data layers and remove them as needed.
  • Reverse Address Lookup – For U.S. business listings, you can now search for an address and we’ll tell you the business at that address. Just enter an address in the search box and the businesses at that address will appear in the search results.
  • Right-Click Menu – Now, you get a full menu of options when you right-click on a location in Bing Maps. Want to drop a pin on a location? Right-click. Want to get directions to or from a specific location? Right-click. The right-click menu allows you to right-click anywhere are you’ll see the address reversed (based on the pixel you selected).
  • Full Screen Maps – Silverlight also has a feature that lets users go full screen with their applications. I’m talking about a full screen, exclusive map. No chrome. No search box. Just a big, beautiful map.
  • Breadcrumb lets you see the highest zoom level geographic boundary you’re looking at.
  • Brandfinder (formerly Highlighted Listings) – a program that allowed businesses to get more from their brand out of Bing Maps search results. Brandfinder was offered as an advertising campaign which replaced the generic color pushpins with branded icons. The campaign also inserted branded logos inline with the search results, plus allowed the campaign owner to insert custom data into the pushpin popup, such as links to specific pages, logos, hours, etc. So, doing a search for “Gap in New Orleans” shows a couple things


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