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Bing Joins “Bully” Movemen; Bing Germany Update Adds Hotsposts, Improved Search Results; Bing Tests Metro-styled Homepage with with Collapsible Taskbar Pane

Microsoft recently updated Bing in Germany — bringing alons with the features from other markets the homepage now offers hotspots to make the homepage more engaging. The hotspots being available in a web browser also work with Windows Phone’s in-built Bing.

Bing Germany Homepage with Hotspots and more

Also, there is now a Bing Tour video for German speakers. The video informs users how to use Bing on a PC and a mobile phone showing how users can search for images, check the news, get directions and more.

The Bing Germany search results page has also been updated and brings in more context awareness and meaningful results.

Also, the Local Scout is now fully working on Windows Phones in Bing Germany.

“Local Scout allows users to explore their local area using and also allows local results to be returned when using the in built Bing feature in Windows Phone.”

Check out the updated Bing Germany: [via MSicc]

Bing Germany Homepage update on Windows Phone

Bing is also testing a new improved Metro-styled Bing homepage for English users. The new Metro design adds more information to the “taskbar” at the bottom of the homepage, which now includes search history as well as highlights from Bing Image and Video search, in addition to trending topics.

Also, the new Bing homepage has an extra button that collapse the “taskbar”, should you prefer a more simplistic design.

Check it out below:

Bing Tests Metro-style UI adds Taskbar

Bing Joins Weinstein Company to help combat bullyingAlso, to help combat bullying, the Weinstein Company is premiers a new anti-bullying documentary, “Bully” in Los Angeles. The film will be released in New York and LA theaters on March 30 and in other cities on April 13.

Bing joined the “Bully” movement to help raise awareness of the serious implications of bullying with the goal of inspiring people to stand up to bullying. To this end, Bing offer an ad campaign appearing on TV and online, social media promotion, and the sponsorship of multiple screenings of the film.

“Bullying affects millions of kids every day – with over 13 million kids in the US being bullied this year, and over 3 million students missing school each month because they feel unsafe at school.”

“We’re pleased to join together with Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, Meryl Streep, Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa, Demi Lovato, Tommy Hilfiger, Billie Jean King, Drew Brees and many others, including high school student Katy Butler, to help stop bullying,” Lisa Gurry, Senior Director, Bing and MSN posted.

“Butler is doing her part – starting a petition to encourage the Motion Picture Association of America to change the rating on “Bully” from R to PG-13 so kids can see the film. Butler gathered more than 400,000 signatures and delivered the petition earlier this month, showing that any of us can make a difference,” Gurry added.

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