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Bing Introduces Block a Deep Link URL with a Single Action and More

Deep links, are additional algorithmically links in the bing search results that show up underneath the primary search result URL and generally link to popular destinations on the website.

In addition to deep links, Bing also produces web results for other properties such as Yahoo!, Facebook, Siri, as well as the Search Charm in the brand new Windows 8.1 Preview release.

Today, “Deep Links” management feature in Bing Webmaster Tools has received some changes providing webmasters and site owners more control over the visibility of deep links for pages featured in Bing-powered search — for any URL and in any country or region.

Bing Search results page showing deep links

First of all, bing removed a bunch of stuff such as: “ability to apply weights to existing deep links, and a feature that shows all of the deep links of a site, along with a little preview of what they looked like in the search results.”

Bing has also migrated blocked deep link information to a new version. “The deep link will continue to be blocked for the specific URL for which you previously blocked it. The block will apply to all markets, but as with brand new blocks, it will expire after 90 days,” explains bing.

Additional, information such as “weight” and “feedback” are now no longer available.

“Note that same as before a new deep link block will not immediately the link from the search results: it can take a day or two to be reflected in our SERP.”

Here is what is changes today:

  • “ability to block a deep link URL from showing up anywhere with a single action. You can now block a URL from appearing as a deep link anywhere, that is below any parent URL within your site: say your site has multiple results were we are showing deep links and one of those deep links that is shown on all of these occasions is not optimal. In the past you would have had to block that deep link for every individual URL it was showing under. Not anymore. Although you can still block a deep link from appearing only for a specific URL by supplying the parent URL, this is now optional. Not filling out the parent URL simply blocks a deep link you don’t like from showing up anywhere
  • ability to block a deep link only in a specific country/region: you can now block a URL from appearing as a deep link in a specific Bing market: perhaps a deep link is fine in most countries, but in one or two you don’t want us to show the deep links. In the past you were out of luck and would have to block it everywhere. Now, you can choose to either block a deep link in all Bing markets or just for one or more specific markets
  • No more limitations: by no longer offering the preview, we are finally allowing you to tell us about anydeep links, since we no longer need to copy all of the rich information to Webmaster Tools. Doing the latter wasn’t an issue for the longest time, but with both our webmaster community growing and our global footprint expanding, we were starting to have to make tradeoffs and some webmasters were left out in the cold. After the redesign, any webmaster will be able to control their deep links, no matter the site’s popularity or what country the deep link is showing in
  • Automatic housekeeping, as blocks expire after 90 days: to keep things tidy, blocks will now expire after 90 days in the same way URL Blocks expire. You can extend a block easily for another 90 days at any time and we will alert you of expiring blocks via alerts in your Message Center well in advance of expiration,” explains bing.
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