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Bing Ads April 2013 Update: Improves Targeting & Appeal Power, Expand Keyword Insight

Bing Ads April feature release focuses on improving targeting power, appeal power, and expanding keyword insight.

Filtering Options in Opportunities Page available for Web UI in “all markets” let you analyze your options to optimize your campaign more quickly than ever.

The Opportunities tab in the Campaigns page includes new filter and search options.

“Now, instead of combing through individual suggestions, instantly find a subset of bids and keywords that meet campaign criteria and optimize your ad’s performance accordingly,” explains Bing.

Bing Ads new Filtering Options in Opportunities Page

Bing Ads Keyword Suggestions

Keyword Suggestions for Web UI and API is now available in UK Market (US, UK) under the Opportunities tab.

“Enhanced Search Query Report” for Web UI in all markets gives you increased flexibility to create customized keywords to further narrow your target audience.

“The newly enhanced Search Query Report includes stop words (for example: “about,” “what,” and “from”) and special characters(for example: question marks, exclamation points, and parentheses). Using these in your keyword and negative keyword lists will help you fine tune target marketing, increase ad relevance and click-through-rate (CTR), and ultimately improve your ROI,” Bing explains.

This feature will appear in the “Search Query” field of the existing Search Query Performance Report. Stop words, previously removed, now remain in the query.

Bing Ads Enhanced Search Query Stop Words Report

Active Appealable for Bing Ads Editor in all markets gives you greater appeal power, and also fine tunes the status classification for your convenience. Namely:

“Active Limited” means your keyword or ad has been Approved in some countries and Disapproved in others. Note: “Only text ads may be appealed from a PC via Bing Ads Editor (not mobile ads),” Bing said.

Keyword “Competition” Value in (US, UK) available for Web UI, API in Campaigns page under the Opportunities tab, indicating predicted levels of competition for a particular keyword.

“Keywords with a low competition value are expected to be the least competitive, suggesting fewer advertisers participating and winning impressions across the various auctions available for that keyword. Keywords with a high competition value are expected to be the most competitive, with many advertisers winning impressions across the various auctions available for that keyword.”

The Opportunities section of Campaigns page “recommends relevant keywords to bid on and estimated monthly searches for particular keywords.” “This new addition offers further insight into keywords, so you can make the optimal choice,” bing adds.

Bing Ads Active Appealable

Bing Ads Keyword Competition Value

Update 05/21: Bing Ads Traffic Quality Resource Center, is a website designed to help important customers launched today.

The site provides five key sections:

  1. Overview:Basic definitions of the common terminologies
  2. Network Protection: Visibility into ways we protect you from invalid traffic
  3. Ad Placements: Information on the different placement types on the Yahoo! Bing owned and operated sites and syndication network sites
  4. Advertiser Resources: Best practices for monitoring campaigns for quality
  5. Publisher Resources: Publishers can understand additional details about our policies

Head over to Bing Ads Traffic Quality Resource Center for more information.

Bing Ads Traffic Quality Resource Center

Update 06/01: Bing Ads is now offering the Excel format as an output option for your ad campaign reports.

The new downloadable Excel report is in every market, “and will save you the time of transferring your Bing Ads report into Excel, as well as protect you from any potential mistakes during that process,” informs Bing.

In addition, when you download a report in Excel, “the report data is formatted in an Excel table and the columns are automatically set to the right data type.” “This format is much easier to digest and thus instantly ready for your optimization work. You can easily sort, filter, chart and pivot the data to identify improvement, report opportunities,” the teams adds.

Here is how does it work?

  • “In the report creation page under the “Reports” tab, set the “Format” field to “Excel.”
  • Then run the report and download the data. The result will be displayed in a well-formatted Excel table.”

Bing Ads Excel Report

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