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Best Practices for Rollup Google Analytics Reporting Across Multiple Sites [Video]

In this episode of Web Analytics TV, Avinash Kaushik & Nick Mihailovski fileds the questions from Australia, Denmark, India, Sweden, Germany andThe Netherlands.

In this action packed episode we discuss:

  • (0:23) Best practices for rollup reporting across multiple sites (See answer below)
  • (0:53) Reporting secure search in Google Analytics
  • (3:27) Troubleshooting funnel navigation reports
  • (4:31) Comparing using event tracking and session level custom variables.
  • (6:28) Measuring how visitors who interact with a video influence conversions
  • (7:35) When data in Google Analytics updated
  • (9:55) Representing multiple date ranges by column
  • (11:04) Best practices for tracking widgets
  • (11:40) Exporting greater than 500 rows from Google Analytics
  • (13:43) Comparing days to purchase by medium
  • (15:20) Using multiple tracking codes on the same page (see answer below)
  • (16:25) Best practices using custom variables to track multivariate test information
  • (18:10) Reporting across multiple currencies in Google Analytics
  • (19:10) Segmenting ‘serious’ visitors by loyalty and engagement metrics
  • (21:32) Measuring click to call buttons in your mobile websites
  • (22:45) The best and most time efficient way to put Google Analytics data into a powerPoint
  • (23:47) Tracking cross-sells or up-sells on a product page
  • (26:05) Tracking multiple ids or paths per page
  • (26:45) Why single page website show time on site metrics
  • (28:27) Using the reverse page path report for analysis
  • (30:21) Do profile filters impact site search reports
  • (32:39) How to get fast traffic in your reports

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