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Balloon and Kite Imagery Add in Google Earth; Map of the Dead Using Places API and Styled Maps

Las week, Google added Balloon and kite imagery from the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science archives into Google Earth’s historical imagery database.

“The Public Laboratory has developed an open source balloon mapping toolkit that allows anyone with an inexpensive digital point and shoot camera, and about $100 of other parts (balloon, helium, line, soda bottle, etc.) to take photos of the ground around them” informs Google.

They also provide a web-based tool called MapKnitter for aligning the photos into a georeferenced image that can be used in Google Earth and other digital mapping tools.

To help you find them, download this KML file, open it in the latest version of Google Earth, and fly to the image locations in space and time.

Public Laboratory image of WhereCamp, Stanford University (April 2011) in Google Earth

Also, Map of the Dead, is designed to help the living survive the zombie apocalypse by locating the nearest points of interest that are relevant to survival and identify the danger areas. The first thing you need to do to use this invaluable tool is to enter your address.

“The site uses HTML5 Geolocation to tell where you are, but if you need enter an address manually the Google Places Autocomplete API ensures that an address can be quickly populated automatically, saving precious seconds,” Google said.

Also invaluable tool for a “zombie apocalypse.”

Map of the Dead uses Google Places API and Styled Maps

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