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Azure Site Recovery Public Preview, Recover Data From Natural Disasters or Operational Failures, More in Azure

Dramatically improve sales productivity with Dynamics app that uses AI from Infer

Infer is a company that has created an artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics platform that helps businesses increase productivity, reduce waste and grow revenue with the power of data science. Now, Infer has partnered with Microsoft to launch a predictive sales and marketing Dynamics App on Microsoft AppSource.

In addition to supporting Microsoft Dynamics data in its predictive modeling, Infer incorporates thousands of signals from its proprietary data cloud, as well as data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and marketing automation systems such as Marketo, writes Nate Gemberling, Infer director of sales and product partnerships.

Dynamics and Infer app

New version of Azure Backup Server offers new technology that’s simpler and more cost-effective

A new version of Azure Backup Server, making it easier and more cost-effective to protect Windows Server and perform on-premises system state backup is available now.

Azure Backup Server is a cloud-first solution that helps protect business-critical applications as well as vCenter/ESXi 6.5, virtual machines running on Hyper-V or VMware VMs.

The latest release guards critical data not only against accidental deletion but also against various security threats such as ransomware on applications such as SQL 2016, SharePoint 2016, Exchange 2016, and Windows Server 2016, locally to disk for short term retention as well as to cloud for long term retention.

One of the key features is Modern Backup Storage, a technology that goes a step further in enhancing enterprise backups by completely restructuring the way data is backed up and stored as well as helps in reducing overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Check out new ‘Shared with me’ view and preview of Apps in Power BI Mobile released today with June’s updates, that help you find most interesting assets faster, and the ability to create a more consistent experience when using Power BI between computers and mobile devices, writes Ella Ben-Tov.

The new “Shared with me” view is “designed to reduce clutter when searching for dashboards that are shared with you by others,” Ben-Tov says.

Also introduced this month is a preview of Apps, collections of dashboards and reports that are grouped together so you can share BI information simply by pasting the URL address from browser. Once installed, you can access your apps via the web portal or your mobile device, and you can easily find and return to your content as it’s all in one place.

Power BI Gov users can now use ArcGIS Maps for Power BI Gov preview,that brings several new capabilitiessuchas”Geographic information systems (GIS) helps users gain a better understanding of the world by using spatial analysis on a map’s data layers.” It’s a way to discover, use, make and share the maps that are important to your organization.

Also, the usage metrics in the Power BI service for dashboard and report authors is now available and gives you one-click access to key usage metrics for your dashboards and reports, allowing you to pinpoint how your end users are interacting with your content.

Power BI Desktop features are now available to business analysts include:

  • Report view features relative data slicer (preview), a new table visual (preview), combo chart data label enhancements, enhanced URL support in table and matrix, and mailto links in textbox.
  • Analytics now offers report level measures for live connections to Analysis Services and tabular models, as well as Power BI service datasets, Two new quick measures are also now in preview— “Total for category + Rolling average,” and “Bin by count.”
  • Data connectivity now features New Connector: Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights and Combine files with the ability to reference “First File” as an example.
  • Query editing has two new transforms—”Extract text before/after/between delimiters,” and “Unpivot only selected columns.”

Power BI Service features are now available to end users and business analysts include:

  • With Power BI apps preview you can easily deploy a collection of purpose-built dashboards and reports to a large number of business users, empowering them to make data-driven decisions. Distribute to the whole organization or to specific people or groups.
  • New content packs to help you quickly connect to variety of services, and get customized reports and dashboards built on top of their data.. New content packs this month include Microsoft Dynamics 365—Social Engagement, Microsoft Azure Consumption Insights, TyGraph for Yammer 3.0, Easy Projects, Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Financials, Webtrends for SharePoint, and Transit IQ.
  • Office 365 Adoption Content Pack Preview combines the intelligence of the Office 365 usage reports with the interactive analysis capabilities of Power BI, providing rich usage and adoption insights. Using these insights, admins can drive more targeted user training and communication, helping them transform how their organizations communicate and collaborate.

Sign in to powerbi.microsoft.com to experience the new features immediately.

Disaster recovery for Azure IaaS virtual machines is available with Azure Site Recovery in public preview.

With this availablility, users now can easily now replicate and protect IaaS-based applications running on Microsoft Azure to a different Azure region of their choice without deploying additional infrastructure components or software appliances.

The new capability, along with Azure Backup for IaaS virtual machines, will help users create a comprehensive business-continuity and disaster-recovery strategy for all IaaS-based applications running on Azure.

Microsoft Azure makes containers easier to use and deploy on Kubernetes with new open-source software tool called “Draft,” that streamlines application development and deployment into any Kubernetes cluster.

By using just two simple commands, “developers can now begin hacking on container-based applications without requiring Docker or even installing Kubernetes themselves,” writes the team.

Microsoft is now allowing customers to use public preview of Azure Active Directory’s cloud-based user provisioning service to orchestrate user provisioning from Workday to on-premises Azure Active Directory (AD), Windows Server Active Directory, and more.

“This feature is available in public preview today for all customers using Azure AD Premium P1,” writes Alex Simons, director of program management, Microsoft Identity Division.

Azure Active Directory's user provisioning service from Workday to Azure AD

Until now, in Azure SQL Database, the maximum DTUs per database in a Standard elastic pool was limited to 100 eDTUs, but today, the company has announced a higher database eDTU for Standard elastic pools.

Released today in public preview, this limit is increased to as much as 3000 eDTUs with new click stop choices starting at 200 eDTUs.

“These higher limits are especially well suited for databases with activity bursts that demand more CPU than previously provided by Standard pools.” “For IO intensive workloads, Premium pools continue to provide the best performance experience with lower latency per IO and more IOPS per eDTU.”

Higher database eDTU limits for Standard elastic pools in Azure SQL Database

IoT Hub can now route messages based on message body for JSON messages, available today. It’s super simple to route based on message body: just use $body in the route query to access the message body.

BizTalk Services is folded into Azure Logic Apps and Azure App Service Hybrid Connections, which offer even greater flexibility and functionality. The key integration capabilities provided by BizTalk Services are already included in Azure Logic Apps, which also provides many additional customer benefits including:

  • Serverless iPaaS enhances user experience and provides usage-based billing.
  • Access to over 100 connectors to cloud and premise-based apps.
  • Easily design and implement workflows using Logic Apps’ visual designer.
  • Seamlessly harness the power of Azure services such as Machine Learning and Cognitive Services.

With this consolidation, effective May 31, 2017, “Microsoft will no longer offer Azure BizTalk Services to new customers, and for existing customers the service will be retired on May 31, 2018,” writes the team.

Azure Backup now gives an option to back up on-premises Windows Server, which can give you a snapshot of system state including files, active directory settings, and certification services stored in Azure.

Once backed up, it can be restore from Azure back to on-premises Windows Server.

Additionally, Azure Backup Server reduces the backup storage consumed on disk to drive down your on-premises storage costs.

Azure Site Recovery extended to support failover of applications running within Azure for replication and disaster recovery from on-premises to Azure are now available from one Azure region to another.

You can create recovery plans and test failovers, between Azure regions, and replicate your applications to any other region. Set up Azure-to-Azure site recovery in a few minutes and have full confidence that it meets your compliance needs.

Microsoft Cloud Essentials in preveiw, helps getting necessary experience, training, and support to make your cloud journey successful. Cloud Essentials brings together all the necessary components to make your cloud journey successful:

  • Product experience to help you get the experience you need with free trials and tools for cloud products. Hands-on labs provide the instruction you need to master the necessary skills and keep you current with constantly evolving technologies.
  • Solutions training with free courses from Pluralsight, and professional certifications through the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program.
  • Career development to guide you on your cloud career path, and develop the skills you need to advance. Follow a learning curriculum at your own pace, with the flexibility to select the skills you need most.
  • Support including help with Cloud Essentials, technical support for Azure and Cloud Accelerator, and a lifeline to your community of peers and Microsoft experts.

Azure Content Delivery Network | Media + Download Optimized Delivery-Public Preview

  • When delivering to a large global audience, it’s critical to ensure optimized delivery of video or web content. Media streaming is time sensitive in that packets arriving late on the client can cause a degraded viewing experience—for example, frequent buffering of video content. These new enhancements reduce delivery latency and optimize the delivery of large files such as software and firmware.
  • Azure Active Directory (AD) Application Proxy provides single sign-on (SSO) and secure, remote access for web apps hosted on-premises.

    New feature updates announced Thursday make it easier to use with a wider range of apps. Onboarding Azure AD App Proxy is now simpler with fewer required ports and additional connection options.

    What’s more, you can use it with apps that take up to 180 seconds to respond to a request, writes program manager.

    Microsoft also shared the most-recently published VM images from February through March that are now available for Microsoft Azure Government customers.

    Published in February- March

    Marketplace Images* – Added to Fairfax and DoD:

    *All Marketplace Images now supported in DoD Regions!

    • Bitnami added ~100 offerings
    • DataStax Enterprise
    • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Quorum Demo
    • Docker EE for Azure (Basic)
    • Cloudera CentOS and Data Hub Images
    • Scalegrid Centos
    • A10 Networks vThunder ADC BYOL
    • Riverbed-steelhead-9-6-0
    • Couchbase server enterprise byol
    • Couchbase sync-gateway enterprise byol
    • Several Bitnami images

    First Party Images – Added to Fairfax and DoD

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Business Apps
    • SQL Server 2016 SP1 Express
    • 5 Visual Studio images (Enterprise, Premium, and Community skus)

    Published in April-May:

    Marketplace Images – Added to Fairfax and DoD

    • Palo Alto VM Series Next Generation Firewall
    • KEMP VLM for Azure
    • Scalegrid CentOS 6.8
    • Winmagic SecureDoc cloudVM BYOL
    • Eventtracker- Log Manager
    • Event Tracker Security Center
    • Composable Analytics- Govt
    • Alert Logic Threat Manager
    • Several Bitnami images

    First Party Images – Added to Fairfax and DoD

    • Oracle DataBase (Standard and Enterprise)
    • Oracle Linux (6.7-7.2)
    • SQL Server 2016 on RHEL
    • Microsoft R Server, on CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL, Windows

    Azure SQL Data Sync Refresh now available for users to easily synchronize data bi-directionally between multiple Azure SQL databases and/or on-premises SQL Databases.

    This release includes several major improvements to service including new Azure portal support, PowerShell and REST API support, and enhancements to security and privacy.

    Available for selected existing Data Sync customers starting June 1st, will release to all customers by June 15th.

    Data Sync is now available in the new Azure portal for select internal customers. This will be available for all customers in mid-June. You can now manage Data Sync in the same place you manage all your other Azure resources. Data Sync will be retired from the old portal after July 1, 2017.

    Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit 2.0, which is used across Microsoft to achieve breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) is now generally available to public via an open-source license.

    The new toolkit includes hundreds of new features incorporated since the beta to streamline the process of deep learning and to ensure the toolkit’s seamless integration throughout wider AI ecosystem. New with this release is support for Keras, a user-friendly, open-source, neural-network library that is popular with developers working on deep learning applications.

    Code written for Keras can now take advantage of the performance and speed available from the Cognitive Toolkit without requiring any code change. Toolkit support for Keras is currently in public preview.

    The Cognitive Toolkit will continue to accelerate training capabilities by supporting the latest versions of NVIDIA’s Deep Learning SDK and advanced graphical processing unit (GPU) architectures such as NVIDIA Volta.

    • A preview of Keras support natively running on Cognitive Toolkit.
    • Java bindings and Spark support for model evaluation.
    • Model compression to increase the speed of evaluating a trained model on CPUs.
    • Hundreds of additional features and fixes since our beta was introduced.
    • Performance improvements that make it the fastest deep learning framework.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Germany is now available for customers in Germany, the European Union and European Free Trade Association countries.

    This new, unique offering stores customer data in the German datacenters, keeping that data under the control of T-Systems, which acts as a data trustee.

    Update 06/03: Azure Active Directory (AD) Application Proxy provides single sign-on (SSO) and secure, remote access for web apps hosted on-premises.

    New feature updates announced Thursday make it easier to use with a wider range of apps. Onboarding Azure AD App Proxy is now simpler with fewer required ports and additional connection options. What’s more, you can use it with apps that take up to 180 seconds to respond to a request, writes program manager.

    An update released on Friday, is now available for Visual Studio Team Services, and it includes the ability to view and edit work items in a mobile optimized experience, enhancements to pull requests and a “long list of improvements to our CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) experience,” says Brian Harry.

      • Mobile work items experience – We’ve reached our “V1” stage for mobile work items. I can now view and edit work items in a mobile optimized experience. I can also view basic lists of work items (assigned to me, following, recently viewed, etc.). It’s enough for a reasonably complete experience. Later this year we’ll start work on other mobile optimized experiences – like commenting on/approving pull requests, release approvals, build status, etc. If you want to try out the mobile experience, just browse to your account on a phone or click on a work item link in an email from your phone.
      • Pull request enhancements – Every sprint pull requests keep getting better and we’ve got several sprints of work yet to go. The more people that use it, the more feedback we get, the better we make it.
      • CI/CD – and once again, there is a long list of improvements to our CI/CD experience.

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