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Automatic add events to “Windows Live Calendar” from web content

If you ever wanted to offer your readers the possibility to add a specific event to their Windows Live Calendar? Evan of Windows Live Hotmail team walks you through the steps:

All it takes for this to work is a single link in your Web page.  Here’s what the URL looks like:


When users click that link, they will go right to Windows Live Calendar with an “Add Event” dialog pre-filled with your data.  All they have to do is click Save. If they’d like, they can also customize reminders, write remarks in the Details, or make any other changes they’d like before saving it.

Here are the steps to add MIX09:

1. Convert times to UTC – How can we do this the easy way? Let’s use an online time converter. First question which time zone to convert from? PST? No no not PST, Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday, March 8 so we’ll have to use PDT, which is UTC-7:
Start keynote on Day 1 (March 18): 9.00am DST = 16:00 UTC
End Conference, March 20: 3:15pm DST = 22:15 UTC
2. Other needed parameters:
title = MIX09
location = Las Vegas
3. Put everything in the URL:
<a href=http://calendar.live.com/calendar/calendar.aspx?rru=addevent&dtstart=20090318T160000Z&dtend=20090320T221500Z&summary=MIX09&location=Las%20Vegas target=”_blank”>Add MIX09 to Windows Live Calendar</a>
4. End result – Add MIX09 to Windows Live Calendar 

As you can see in the picture it gets converted to the required time zone when we add this Event to Windows Live Calendar by clicking the URL.

Source:→ LiveSide

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