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August 2011 adCenter Desktop Beta Upgrade Published

The August 2011 Upgrade for the adCenter Desktop Beta has now bee released with following two new features added to help manage campaigns more efficiently:

  1. Simplified Budget Management
    “Gain more control over how your daily budget will be spent. With the Daily Standard budget option, you spend your budget evenly throughout the day. With the Daily Accelerated budget option, you spend your Daily Budget amount as quickly as clicks arrive,” informs Tina Kelleher.

  2. Admin-Free Upgrades
    “Now, if you’re using adCenter DesktopBeta version 7.8 or a later version, you will be able to install adCenter DesktopBeta updates without needing administrator privileges on your computer, making the upgrade process simpler and easier,” added Kelleher.

For those new to adCenter, here’re some of the top features you’ll find in this time-saving tool:

  • Import Wizard. Easily import campaign data from other search engines, virtually eliminating the need to re-create existing campaigns.
  • Quality Score. You can now view Quality Score data from adCenter DesktopBeta. You can also create advanced filters and sorts, and bulk update your keywords to optimize your campaigns based on the quality score data.
  • Simplified Daily Budget option. Microsoft Advertising adCenter automatically calculates a monthly budget for you when you set a daily budget amount using the Daily Budget option.
  • Desktop Dashboard. By expanding the new Dashboard pane, you will find immediate answers to an account’s key trending questions, plus gain quick access to campaign patterns and insights that help you identify the biggest impacts and opportunities.
  • Custom Views and Column Settings. You can now name and save your favorite filters and they will be available for later access. In addition, any column adjustments made, such as selection, order, size and sorts, will be retained both from session-to-session, and while working across accounts.
  • Enhanced Search Network Distribution. Exercise more control over where your search ads display with the ability to select your search ad network distribution at the ad group level. Choose between the entire Bing and Yahoo! Search network, only Bing and Yahoo! Search syndicated partners, or only Bing and Yahoo! sites.
  • Enhanced Website Exclusion. In addition to designating the search network distribution for your ads, you can use the website exclusion feature for search ads and content ads to designate sites on which you do not want to have your ads displayed at the campaign and ad group levels.
  • Device Targeting. You can target and customize your campaigns by the type of device on which it will appear (PC, mobile phone, or both) via adCenter DesktopBeta to make sure your ads are as relevant and enticing as possible, with appropriate calls to action for the environment in which it is being viewed.
  • Submit Ad Groups as Active. Set your ad group status to active, and the ad group is automatically submitted when you upload from adCenter DesktopBeta to adCenter online.
  • Copy and Paste Targeting Settings. You can more easily move targeting information from one ad group to another.
  • Advanced Bid Changes. Increase or decrease your bid for single or multiple keywords by a percentage or a value, and set a maximum bid limit.

You can download adCenter Desktop Augutst 2011 Beta here.

[Source: adCenter blog]

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