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Ask.com announces OpenID, Mobile devices support for Bloglines

Ask.com has upgraded its Bloglines blog reader and blog sharing offering with support for OpenID. New Personalization Preferences and Bloglines Beta Mobile. A quick overview from Bloglines blog post:

  • OpenID – Bloglines Beta and Bloglines Classic will both support OpenID. Going forward we’ll support consuming OpenID, OpenID 2.0 and are investigating the use of other Open Standards such as oAuth and APML.
  • Mobile – Bloglines Beta now has a new version of Bloglines Mobile with additional features such as the “Start Page”, “Pin” and improved browser support.
  • New Personalization Preferences – Bloglines Beta has added several new personalization features as well as implementing support for the current feed reading personalization features.

Bloglines Beta Goes Mobile:

Bloglines has had a leading mobile feed reader for the last couple of years. It’s always been one of our key product strengths. So we were really excited to make our mobile product even better. We were busy over the summer re-writing the mobile code from the ground up. A new version of mobile is available as part of the Bloglines Beta Releases. Go to m.beta.bloglines.com on your cell phone. When we feel it’s ready, we’ll make it available on Bloglines Classic.

Key Features:

  • Start Page – Your Bloglines Start Page is displayed at the top of the screen. This way you can pull your favorite feeds to the top.
  • Pin (formerly known as Keep New) – Sometimes you want to save that special post to read later when you’re not on the go.
  • Pagination – Instead of loading all of your posts, we parse out the posts into smaller bundles to fit into the memory constraints of cell phone browser. This has numerous benefits including improved speed, better reliability and safer “mark read” behavior.

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