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Are Windows half open or half closed?

In response to the recent spur of events surrounding Windows 7, Long Zheng — I’ve seen reactions from both sides of the spectrum. I know some people including myself can get carried away sometimes staring at one side of the coin and become blinded to the truth. So out of fairness, I came up with this glass-is-half-empty and glass-is-half-full comparison of the possible Windows disclosure policies. What do you think? Am I riding a dead horse?

The recent stream of Windows 7 information provides a good inside look at the Windows organisation at Microsoft.The recent stream of Windows 7 information is selfish and damaging to the Windows organisation at Microsoft.
It happened as a result of too little information provided to the public about the development of the Windows platform.It happened as a result of growing disrespect for private information and secrecy.
People who shared the information are valuable contributors to the Windows community. Their anonymity should be protected.People who shared the information should be identified and punished so it does not happen again.
This is exactly why the Windows group should be more transparent so we receive information through official sources.This is exactly why the Windows group should lock down communication more to prevent the release of any information.
Humans have a natural curiosity to explore new things. Windows Vista is not outdated, but it is current technology.The release of Windows Vista was depreciated due to the abundance of pre-release information.
Windows is an open platform and it is expected to share early details of next versions.Details of next versions of Windows need to be more restricted to build anticipation.
The open-source community proves information can be shared openly, yet users are still excited about and satisfied with new releases.Apple’s recent success is attributed greatly to their ability to control and ultimately eliminate any pre-release information.
Longhorn “failed” because expectations were set unrealistically high.Longhorn “failed” because expectations were communicated too early.
To make sure it never happens again, ensure expectations are realistic.To make sure it never happens again, do not discuss any details.
Office 2007 succeeded because of a revolutionary and genuinely useful feature.Office 2007 succeeded because it was a closed development and users had no expectations.
Office and Windows are completely different platforms.Sinofsky brings the experience and subsequent success of building Office 2007 to Windows.
Windows 7 will be well received because Microsoft will not set high expectations.Windows 7 will be well received because users will have very low expectations.
Windows 7 may not be well received because Microsoft is communicating with its users.Windows 7 may not be well received if more information is ‘leaked’ to the public.
Long needs to be terminated.

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