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App-V: Troubleshooting: Launching application you may receive error XXXXXX-XXXXXX0A-00000121

Issue: If an App-V application package OSD file’s CODEBASE GUID reference is changed to a GUID from another package you may receive the following error message when you attempt to launch the application:

Application Virtualization Error
The Application Virtualization Client could not launch Application
The operation failed because of a package mismatch. If the problem persists, report the following error code to your System Adminstrator.
Error code: 4505CD-14906F0A-00000121

Example: Open up the App-V client OSD file cache for Application A and copy the OSD CODBASE GUID from application A and paste it to the CODEBASE GUID of application B and then try to launch application B. You should receive xxxxxx-xxxxxx44-00000028 error reference in the following KB article but instead you receive the less informative message above.

931101 – Error message when you try to start an application in Microsoft SoftGrid: “Error code: xxxxxx-xxxxxx44-00000028”

Cause: This is an unsuspected error due to mismatching CODEBASE GUIDs between the OSD and the package. Verify that the OSD Codebase GUID=XXXX…. Statement represents the correct GUID for the package. This will happen if you copy the OSD CODBASE tag GUID from the OSD file of application A to the OSD file of application B and then try to launch application B.

Resolution: Copy the GUID attribute of the CODEBASE element from a working .osd file of the same sequence. Then, paste the attribute to the problem .osd file.  Next open the sequence with the Sequencer and un the Shortcut Wizard to create a new OSD file.

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