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Angry Birds for Chrome Now Using Cross-browser Audio ‘Web Audio API’ – Google Sponsors Joshua Light Show at Berlin Transmediale

For Chrome users get the full Angry Birds experience, without any plugins — Angry Birds for Chrome is now using the Web Audio API for all its in-game audio.

How does this cross-browser audio magic work? Explaing the process, Fred Sauer, Developer Advocate at Google writes “Angry Birds was in no small part made possible by the cross-platform open source PlayN library. When building for the HTML platform, PlayN in turn relies heavily on Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to delivery a highly optimized web experience for users, and on gwt-voices to easily deliver a cross-browser audio experience.”

Angry Birds for Chrome Leveraging Web Audio API

The Web Audio API supports a wide variety of use cases, including the high fidelity and low latency requirements of games. Users of other supported browsers will still get sound via Flash or HTML5 audio.

“The responsibility of choosing the appropriate audio API for the game’s sound is (mostly) left up to gwt-voices, which chooses the audio API that will give the best experience,” said Sauer.

If you’d like to hear how other audio APIs perform, you can ask gwt-voices to try to use the Web Audio API, Flash, HTML5 Audio, or even native audio.

Check out the Web Audio API tutorial and don’t let those pigs grunt too much.

In other new, the Berlin “Transmediale” event opens today showcasing the world’s most innovative multi-media art and Google is sponsoring a specific installation – the “Joshua Light Show.”

“Todays’s Joshua Light Show connects the analogue light show to the latest VJ technologies, fusing old and new and bringing a young audience to reflect on the heritage of today’s global audiovisual flows. White ill direct his light-orchestra for three nights at the House of World Cultures Auditorium, each night appearing with new musicians,” Ralf Bremmer, Senior Communications Manager, Berlin, blogged.

Joshua Light illustrated psychedelic music from The Doors, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa just to name a few. Its first emerged back in 1967 in New York. For its comeback at Transmediale, founder Joshua White will be in Berlin and will direct his orchestra of lights on three night-sessions in Berlin.

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