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Android vs. iPhone: iPhones Are for the Rich, Androids for the Rest – Inforgraphic

Cehck out the juicy Hunch infographic comparing Android and iOS users, culled from more than 15,000 people — are about one thing: class warfare. The wealthy use iPhones, and the rest Androids.

Some of the demographic info really shows the class differences between Android and iPhone/iOS users. Androids are hicks — they’re 86 percent more likely to live in the country and 80 percent more likely to only have a high school diploma. By comparison, the iPhoners are 67 percent more likely to have household income of $200,000 or more; 60 percent more likely to have an American Express card; and 37 percent more likely to have a graduate degree.

Androids are savers — 29% more likely — while iPhoners are wasters; they’re 26% more likely to “spend their money”.

The Android working class sacrifice for their iPhone countrymen: Android users are “36% more likely not to remember their last vacation”, while iPhoners are 15% more likely to have vacationed in the last half year and — gasp — 55% more likely to have used frequent-flier miles for free air travel in the last year.

iPhone users are “more than 100% more likely to be Mac users”. But, the Android working class is “more than 100% more likely to be PC users”.

Those iPhone users are dangerous — they’re “50% more likely to text while driving”. Androids prefer General Tso’s Chicken and iPhoners Pad Tai.

See the infographic below for more information: (click to blow up)


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