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Android Play Hits 11 Billionth App Download Mark; Smarter Ad Serving, New Analytics Report Added to YouTube TrueView In-stream Video Ads

Google’s Android Play app has now surpassed 11 billion apps downloads mark. Google also announced of rolling out a series of changes that will help you more fully leverage the benefits of TrueView in-stream YouTube video ads, that allow users to skip an ad after 5 seconds.

Changes to default ad settings
Fist, starting Wednesday, April 18, Google introducing an easier way to control how ads appear on YouTube content by allowing to set default ad settings for all newly uploaded videos. “Due to the benefits of TrueView in-stream, it will now be a default ad format, in addition to overlay ads. However, if this doesn’t work for you, you can adjust the settings at any time,” posted Google.

New analytics report
Now, withing YouTube Analytics report, you will be able to easily see the gross revenue and the CPMs (cost per thousand impressions – the price an advertiser paid for the ad) by ad type and across countries! “This information can be used be used to ensure the best ad format is being displayed for you and your viewers,” Google said.

Smarter ad serving
Also, begining April 18, Google will begin taking a more intelligent approach to serve in-stream ads and will no longer have a seven-minute frequency cap. Now, “when showing in-stream ads, we’ll use a number of signals, such as content type and how a user discovered your video, to dynamically determine when is the best time to show ads,” Google explained.

TrueView ads benefit also help content creator:

  • More revenue: TrueView in-stream ads tend to earn equal to or higher revenue than standard in-stream ads
  • Viewers staying longer: TrueView in-stream ads reduced audience drop-off by 40% when compared to regular in-stream ads
  • More advertisers: TrueView in-stream represents the majority of all in-stream ads and will allow you to access to a broader base of advertisers

You can learn more about the above change in the follwing help center articles: default ad settings, new analytics report, smarter ad serving, and this ad help center page.

Also, Google announced that the issue where Ad Performance Report and AdGroupAdService of the AdWords API were returning incomplete data from Dynamic Search Ads — is now fixed as of March 20th.

It was because the “report and API service were not prepared to support this type of Ad, which resulted in the report returning an undocumented “Website Ad” type, and the service returning AdGroupAd objects with no set ad property,” Google explained.

Note that even though Dynamic Search Ads are no longer returned in the Ad Performance Report, their performance data (i.e. impressions, clicks, conversions) is rolled up in reports such as the Account, Campaign and Ad Group performance reports.

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