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Android, iPhone, and Google Wave will lead ‘high-profile malware’ outbreaks in 2010, says Kaspersky in 2010 Cyberthreat Forecast

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of Internet threat management solutions, have come up with a list of six predictions for the year 2010, listing what’ll be the New Year’s greatest threats and newest attack vectors:

    6. 2010 promises to be a difficult time for iPhone and Android mobile platforms users. The increasing popularity of mobile phones running Android OS combined with a lack of effective checks to ensure third-party software apps are secure, will lead to a number of high-profile malware outbreaks.
    5. When it comes to attacks on web services, Google Wave will be making all headlines in 2010. Attacks on this Google service will no doubt follow usual pattern: first, the sending of spam, followed by phishing attacks, then exploiting of vulnerabilities and spreading of malware.
    3. Modern cybercriminal is making lots money online using huge amount of traffic generated by botnets. In future, we foresee, “these so-called “partner programs” enable botnet owners to make a profit from activities such as sending spam, performing denial of service (DoS) attacks or distributing malware without committing an explicit crime”.

More info: 2010 Cyberthreat Forecast From Kaspersky Lab

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