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An Insider’s Look into IIS 7.0 Features

In this Webcast, we outline how pre-IIS 7.0 scenarios map directly to each new feature in IIS 7.0. We will dive into IIS 7.0’s core server, new XML configuration, improved Administration features, and diagnostics functionality and then we will isolate and resolve your problems. The new core server offers developers a multitude of programming interfaces as well as feature parity with ASP.NET’s 2.0 event model. This allows smooth transitions for veterans of ASP.NET. We will also look briefly at how Microsoft built the new Win32 API, and its differences from ISAPI for programming modules that plug-in to IIS 7.0’s core server. Then we’ll discuss how IIS 7.0’s brand-new configuration exposes these new features and functionalities. For example, ApplicationHost.config offers a locked-down configuration by default but is built to be distributed and in part of the Webcast we’ll show you how to put this capability into action. Most experienced IIS users understand that the administration stack requires the most knowledge. This is still true in IIS 7.0. This Webcast will refresh IIS administrators on how to use the user interface with IIS Manager, but we will also introduce you to the brand new WMI provider and the command-line tool AppCmd.exe. Finally, we will explain IIS 7.0’s powerful new diagnostics stack and how it allows you to pinpoint failures as they occur—and how to do this with little or no repro. The pace will be quick, but we’re not going to skip any steps, so climb aboard—there is no better place to pick up the hard facts on IIS 7.0.


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