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Alt Mobile announces “Comet-based Dynamic Mashup Server”

Alt Mobile announced, a “Comet-based Dynamic Mashup Server” which will be available in Q2 of this year. Dynamic Mashup Server is the industry’s first Comet enabled mash-up server according to the company, built to support internet scale amalgamation of web content. Comet services are provided through a custom version of Sun’s Grizzly web server technology.

all of the major AJAX and Comet technologies such as XHR multipart, forever frame, XHR streaming, and forever script; the Dynamic Mashup Server supports HTTP Streaming to desktop browsers as well as Safari on iPhone. Single-site browsers (SSB) such as Mozilla’s Prism and widget platforms such as Opera Widgets, Microsoft Vista Sidebar Gadgets, and Mac OS X Dashboard are also supported clients.

Other cool features of the Dynamic Mashup Server include RSS mash-up feed generation and text-to-speech output to support visually impaired user access. Implemented to run on 64-bit Java Virtual Machines, the Dynamic Mashup Server integrates into altmobile’s virtual Web 2.0 containers which provide isolated access and execution of remote web content ensuring that mash-up clients are protected from potentially harmful HTML and JavaScript. Mash-up isolation is also necessary to avoid XSS attacks.

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