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AJAX Feedback Mechanism

Ahmed has written / implemented a nice “AJAX Feedback mechanism” at his iBegin.com. The idea is to create — a little floater/popup that lets you quickly rate a page. All AJAX driven of course. On pageload, the JS is executed through an onload statement inside the tag. It finds the proper div (in this case feedback_wrapper) and puts in the HTML there. Then as the person browses around the page, it hovers gently in the bottom right.

Open hovering over, it opens up a little dialog box (which you can control through feedback.css). Upon clicking on a rating, the AJAX comes into play – the user response is sent to feedback.php, the entry is stored, and a thank you message is given. A cookie is also set so that the feedback system won’t show again (in the case of the demo this is disabled). Quick links for those that skim through posts:

Demo: click here
Download: click here

Feedback Mechanism

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