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AdWords Upgrade Center for Enhanced Campaigns Launches

Google starting July 22, 2013, will begin upgrading all search advertising campaigns to newly launched “enhanced campaigns.”

Google says that already more than 1.5 million campaigns have upgraded, and to help advertisers, Google launches a new “Upgrade center” rolling out to all accounts over the next few weeks.

The new upgrade center can be accessed from the left-hand nav bar on the Campaigns tab, and lets you upgrade several campaigns at a time and merge campaigns together with just a few clicks.

It’s recommends upgrading display-only campaigns rather than merging them together. “The upgrade tool doesn’t support the ability to merge image ads, audience targeting criteria, and other display-specific campaign elements,” Google said.

After creating new enhanced campaigns, its’ recommend upgrading extensions for more control, flexibility and relevance. “You may also want to add back any important keywords, negatives, extensions, or location targets from your Secondary campaign which were left behind in the merge,” Google explains.

Enhanced campaigns Upgrade center entry point

Enhanced campaigns Table view of merged campaign settings

Here is how to use upgrade center:

Bulk upgrade option provides a fast way to upgrade multiple campaigns that don’t need to be merged.

Rather than upgrade campaigns one at a time, you can select several campaigns, choose a mobile bid adjustment, view traffic estimates, and upgrade with fewer clicks.

Merge and upgrade center automatically identifies them as candidates to merge “search-only” or “search+display” campaigns that have similar keywords and location targets,

And, the advanced mode, provides a view of all of the campaigns in your account, providing more flexibility and less guidance.

You’ll then be able to preview and adjust the proposed campaign settings, ad groups, and extensions for the merged campaign. By default, ad groups and budgets will be combined. Other campaign level settings and extensions in the Primary campaign will override those in the Secondary campaign.

Update:Google has bought “Wavii,” a natural language processing startup, for a price that is more than $30 million.

Update 04/26: Google have reached an important milestone with its viewability measurement solution, Active View receiving the Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation.

“We are very pleased that Google has achieved accreditation for its Active View product” said George Ivie, CEO and Executive Director of the Media Rating Council.

“Viewable impressions are an important foundational improvement in digital measurement and an important step toward comparability with other electronic media,” Ivie added.

, complements our other investments in making digital an effective medium for brand marketers and their awareness-building campaigns, like Lightbox ads and TrueView in AdMob and games. These efforts appear to be paying off for brand advertisers: we saw a 65 percent increase last quarter alone in the number of brand advertisers using our brand formats and buying tools.

Based on Active View (introduced on April 12 last year), advertisers can buy reservable inventory on the Google Display Network (GDN), paying only for impressions that meet the IAB’s proposed viewability standard “at least 50% on screen for one second or longer.”

Google says, it will be building Active View into other products both for advertisers and publishers.

Active View reporting will also be available in DoubleClick for Advertisers and DoubleClick for Publishers in 2013.

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