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AdWords in News: Display Campaign Optimizer Available to All; Building Display Creatives for Your Audience; Think Quarterly Creativity Issue; Marketing Attribution in a Complex Digital Landscape; Google Affiliate Network Expands in the UK

The Display Campaign Optimizer was launched in 2010 as a limited beta is now available to all advertisers through AdWords with greater adoption and a significantly improved engine.

Display Campaign Optimizer since its release has become one of the most popular automation tools for large advertisers managing high volume campaigns. In addition to fully automating targeting and bidding, it uses a variety of signals like context, demographics and interest categories to find additional conversions across our vast AdSense publisher network – all at a desired CPA.

“Previously only large advertisers with very high conversion volumes (150/month) could take advantage of this powerful tool. The new and improved Display Campaign Optimizer now has the same low conversion requirement (15/month) as Conversion Optimizer. This means you can simply opt-into DCO on any campaign running on Conversion Optimizer and take advantage of the added benefit of more conversions!,” writes AdWords team.

To get starting you can easily set-up Display Campaign Optimizer campaigns in AdWords. For more information on how to set up your Display Campaign Optimizer campaigns, review this step-by – step guide on AdWords Help Center.

Watch the video below to see how it works:

Google AdWords team also shared some tips for audience targeted creatives:

  1. Make audience specific recommendations, differentiate yourself from the competition, and provide new information. “For example remarketing ads could show complementary products that an existing customer may need. If you’re targeting new users, feature positive testimonials and reviews to highlight your good reputation,” Google explains.
  2. Be Transparent: This is particularly important if you’re using remarketing. Your audience may wonder how you knew they were on your site or interested in specific products. Be upfront; link to a description of why they’re seeing your ads and how they work from your landing page. Showing a variety of ads helps minimize overly-specific targeting and repetition.
  3. Tailor ads to your user: personalize ads based on the product or service your audience would be interested in. If you’re remarketing to a user who browsed your site, match your ads to content they viewed. For example, if a user viewed a variety of smart phones, you could show ads promoting individual phones, phone plans, or phone accessories.
  4. Landing Page Relevance: To improve your audience campaign performance, ensure that your landing page is optimized for conversions. Tools like Website Optimizer or Google Analytics can make optimizing your landing pages much easier.
  5. Call-to-Action is crucial for any targeting type or advertising goal. Use your knowledge of your audience to match your call-to-action to the user in both content and style. Phrases like ‘See Offers’ perform double duty by communicating next steps and highlighting a promotion or benefit in clicking.
  6. Use All Ad Formats & Sizes: Maximize your opportunity to reach your audience anywhere on a network and increase volume by utilizing all ad formats, text ads, and display ad sizes available.

Google shared a recent research that the company with Econsultancy conducted, on marketing attribution entitle “The insights — Marketing Attribution: Valuing the Customer Journey” — provide a snapshot of how marketers and agencies are conducting attribution, the impact it has, and the barriers holding them back.

Marketing Attribution: Valuing the Customer Journey

“If you’re not familiar with digital attribution, it’s about distributing credit to all of the elements of your digital marketing program, so you can gauge the impact of customer marketing interactions on your sales results and make more accurate investment decisions,” explains Google.

You can download the full report (pdf) here.

Also, in the Creativity issue of Think Quarterly, “The Curious Case of Creativity,” Google VP of Global Marketing Lorraine Twohill sees creativity through an engineer’s eyes as a way to solve problems, big and small.

Google also explore how the web is inspiring entirely new forms of creativity, like YouTube remixes, 3D models, data art and infographics, that are reshaping how we see the world. (And if you want to see how the web shapes your brand in particular, try our new “Brand Impressions” tool on Think Quarterly and Think Insights.)

Check it out here.

In Other Google Advertising news, the Google Affiliate Network currently in beta throughout the UK, expands to more UK advertisers and agencies.

Key benefits for UK users:

  • Market-leading insights and reporting available in local timezone, language and currency
  • Publisher payments available in over 40 currencies in 80 countries
  • Product feed integration via Google Merchant Centre
  • Ability to create accounts with different payouts, advertiser-specific terms and local market presence
  • Custom recruiting for select advertisers

The UK advertisers interested in starting an affiliate programme with Google Affiliate Network, can contact Google for more information.

And, the publishers can now apply for UK affiliate programmes including Blue Nile, Onlineticketexpress.com, Orvis UK, Shoes.com, Skechers and more. Follow the steps below to to get started:

  1. Log in to your account (or apply to join) here
  2. Go to the Advertisers tab
  3. On the left-hand navigation, click ‘Countries’ and choose United Kingdom
  4. Apply to programmes

Finally, Google Mobile Ads website with a fresh look and new content launched today, helps you discover how Google can make mobile advertising work for you.

Google Mobile Ads Site with Fresh look and contents launches

On the site you will find:

  • detailed information on Google’s search and display ad formats
  • research reports and useful tools to build your understanding of the mobile audience
  • best practices for performance marketing and brand awareness
  • oodles of new success stories from advertisers who have grown their business with Google mobile ads.

Try the new site here.

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