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AdWords Community Now on Smartphones; 70 Women Recognized as Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholars; Analytics Marketing Attribution Webinar Recording/Q&A; Public Voting Opens for Doodle 4 Google National Winners;

AdWords Community is now optimized for all web-enabled mobile devices! to help you stay connected anywhere and at any time:

  • Ask your AdWords questions as soon as they come to mind.
  • Post answers/articles and help other members.
  • Instantly browse any thread you want to re-visit.

“Sign up is as easy as opening www.en.adwords-community.com in your mobile browser (ensure you type in the www) with no additional applications. It auto-captures your mobile email (you can choose to use a different email) – simply choose your username and get started!,” posted Rashmi Singh, Ad Policy Specialist.

AdWords Community now on Smartphone!

Last week, Google Analytics team hosted a webinar on marketing attribution.

“We had a lively discussion about our recent attribution whitepaper, and we looked at Google’s solutions for attribution — including Search Funnels in AdWords and Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics, and the Attribution Modeling Tool in Google Analytics Premium,” posted Bill Kee, Product Manager for Attribution, Google Analytics team.

Below are some questions and answers — and the video recording is available here.

Q: Can I report on both AdWords Keyword and Matched Search Queries in Google Analytics?
A: You have the option to view either the AdWords Keyword or the Matched Search Query by choosing these dimensions in the data table. Multi-Channel Funnels and Attribution Modeling support a wide range of AdWords and non-AdWords dimensions for reporting and creating attribution modeling rules.

Q: Can you add your own models to the Attribution Modeling Tool or they are all built in?
A: You can create and save custom models in the Attribution Modeling Tool in Google Analytics Premium. Custom models allow you to create rules that adjust credit based on attributes like the traffic source (e.g. search vs. direct), position (first, middle, last) the level of engagement driven (time on site and page depth), and timing (how much time prior to conversion).

Q: How do advertisers take action on attribution data?
A: Attribution data can help advertisers identify marketing efforts that may be undervalued or overvalued under models such as the last click, so they can adjust their marketing programs. For example, a general keyword like “shoes” may show fewer conversions compared to a more specific, branded term for a type of shoe on a last click basis. However, applying a model that gives some credit for searches prior to the last click may show that “shoes” is credited with more conversion value. When making optimization decisions around which keywords to invest in or cut, advertisers can look at multiple models, and then experiment with investing in keywords that show higher value under alternative models. Similar methods apply to channels like display, social, email, and affiliates. This can help identify areas of opportunity that are missed when using only the last click.

google anita borg memorial scholarship 2012

This year, Google recognized 70 Google Anita Borg Memorial scholars and the 79 Google Anita Borg Memorial finalists, all of whom attend universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East or Africa.

For those not aware, “The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of Dr. Anita Borg, who devoted her life to encouraging the presence of women in computing and founded the Institute for Women in Technology in 1997. Anita passed away in 2003, and Google created the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship in 2004 to honor her memory.”

Here’s a full list of this year’s scholars and finalists along with the institutions they attend.

doodle 4 google 2012: 50 state winners announced; public vote open for national winners

Google, also announced today the 50 State Winners of the 2012 U.S. Doodle 4 Google competition. “We received a record-breaking 114,000 submissions from all corners of the country–from North Pole, Alaska, to Suwanee, Ga,” posted Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Product Management.

“All, of the 50 State Winners will have their doodles displayed in an exhibit at the New York Public Library. And, for the first time this year, the artwork of all 250 State Finalists (including the 50 State Winners) will be displayed in local exhibitions in their respective states,” Mayer adds.

From today until May 10, Google invite the public to vote to help select the five National Finalists — which will be announced on May 17 at national award ceremony in New York City.

Finally, Google announced that today, hundreds of millions of people, including 16 million students and teachers at 66 of the top 100 U.S. universities, employees at more than 4 million businesses worldwide including Burberry, Costco and National Geographic (and maybe even your 13-year-old daughter and her entire soccer team) have all already gone Google.

If you’ve not yet, so go on. See what it’s like to get stuff done and go Google or “going Google”.

go google (going google)

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