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90s Color cycling with HTML5 Canvas

Anyone remember Color cycling from the 90s? This was a technology often used in 8-bit video games of the era, to achieve interesting visual effects by cycling (shifting) the color palette. Back then video cards could only render 256 colors at a time, so a palette of selected colors was used. But the programmer could change this palette at will, and all the onscreen colors would instantly change to match. It was fast, and took virtually no memory. Thus began the era of color cycling.

Joe Huckaby has taken images created by graphic artist Mark Ferrari to produce some incredibly cool, animated retro gaming images using HTML 5’s canvas element to reproduce an effect called “color cycling”. While the demos themselves are impressive, equally as impressive is the fact that they work extremely well on darn near any HTML5-compatible browser — including mobile Safari.

More Info: Demo | Old School Color Cycling with HTML5


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