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$50M in Free Advertising for 500,000 Businesses Through Google AdWords for Video

Google AdWords for Video Now Available to 850 million YouTube monthly visitors

To help its 800 million strong monthly global audience of YouTube, Google announced that as of today Google AdWords for video is now available to all – along with other new products, resources, and tools to help more businesses play big with video.

“Similar to search advertising–where you pay for clicks and set budgets with bids–we created a new model for video advertising. With Google AdWords for video, you only pay when someone chooses to watch your ad, and you can create and manage video campaigns from the same platform as your search and display ads,” explained Baljeet Singh, YouTube group product manager.

AdWords for video links to your YouTube account so you can easily start a video campaign with your existing videos in less than 5 minutes.

With AdWords for video you can:

  • Find the right audience: AdWords for video provides a range of options to reach the right audience. “For example, you can promote your video by keyword to appear in YouTube search results, or you can choose to show your ad against content your customers are most interested in – such as sports or music,” Singh said. Connect with your audience on YouTube and the Google Display Network, which includes millions of websites. AdWords for video links to your YouTube account so you can easily start a video campaign with your existing videos.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your spend: “With AdWords for video you can find out how viewers are engaging with your brand during and after they watch your ad; how many viewers watched your entire video, visited your website etc.” Singh added on average, YouTube video ads drive a 20% increase in traffic to a website and a 5% increase in searches for business.
  • Only pay for engaged views: With TrueView video ads you only pay when viewers choose to watch your ad so you aren’t charged when viewers skip your ad if they aren’t interested or have already seen your video. By displaying a call-to-action overlay on your video you can talk about a sale or specific offer to your viewers, share more information about your business, or drive traffic to your website.

  • $50 million in free advertising. Singh said, Google is giving away $50 million in free Google AdWords advertising to help 500,000 businesses get into video. New AdWords advertisers can receive a $75 credit when sign up — which “can reach more than 1,500 of your most valuable customers on YouTube for one month,” Singh explains. Request free credit here.
  • Advertiser Playbook and support.YouTube Advertiser Playbookcovers everything from creating interesting content to promoting video with ads. Also, My Business Story a free tool can be used to create a first video. AdWords advertisers can also call free phone support line, 866-2-GOOGLE, to get started with AdWords for video.
  • YouTube Ambassador program: Google is highlighting 9 outstanding businesses from across the country who’re already using YouTube to grow their business. Hear their stories and learn more about the YouTube Ambassador program.

AdWords for video:

New Features in AdWords for Video:

  • TrueView Format Selector – Now with the four TrueView ad formats you can opt out of specific types. For example, disabling in-search ads will be denoted as a partial opt in to the Google Display Network.
  • Demographic Targeting – Google’s new all-in-one privacy policy for all Google accounts means that advertisers can now target video ads by age and gender across all Google properties.
  • Interest/Topic Targeting – Not a new feature per se, but with Google’s all-in-one privacy policy now applicable to YouTube, interest/topic targeting is likely to also have a broader reach then it previously did. What used to be hosted seprately as the YouTube Video Targeting Tool has now been decommissioned and re-emerges in the AdWords for Video interface.
  • Downstream Video Analytics tool will show many further free views to your channel video advertising can generate. AdWords for Video product manager Lane Shackleton said that the aim of this metric is to show advertisers that “paying for video views can drive follow on viewership on their YouTube channel”. The downstream analytics.
  • Advanced Bidding – It’s likely advertisers will be able to optimize their bids against ‘engagement’ metrics such as video shares and clicks on the +1 button.

The following Getting Started with AdWords for Video demonstrating the above mentioned features:

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