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5 New Languages Added into Google Translate – Integrate Chrome with iOS App

Google Translate helps bridge the divide between the content available online and people’s ability to access that information–has now added five new languages bringing the total to seventy, which are spoken by more than 183 million people around the globe.

“With the exception of Bosnian, these new languages (Cebuano, Hmong, Javanese, Marathi) are “alpha,” meaning while the quality isn’t perfect, we will continue to test and improve them over time,” informs Google.

Google Translate adds 5 new internation languages: shown here Marathi, Indian language translation

In other news, Google is transitioning Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government, to the new Google Groups user interface.

Google notes that the old interface will retire after June 10th. “After this day, people will automatically be transitioned over to the new UI and will not have the option to go back to the old one,” Google said.

Launched in May last year, this design offers a new and improved user interface in addition to some popular features like:

  • Collaborative inbox
  • Rich text formatting of messages in the Groups interface
  • Ability to move posts to a different discussion, mark it as a duplicate or assign it to someone
  • Customizable roles and permissions for people

Also, email and contacts import tool shutdown in domains is now being removed.

This tool was primarily used by new Gmail account holders who wished to import mail and contacts from another email provider into their Gmail accounts. “We are exploring new long-term solutions, but in the meantime users can still import mail and contacts to their Gmail accounts,” Google added.

Messages can be imported using Mail Fetcher and Contacts can be imported from CSV files.

Google now allow developers to integrate Chrome with their iOS app using the “OpenInChromeController class with x-callback” in Chrome that helps users open a web page in Chrome and then return to your app with just one tap.

iOS app developer currently have two options to offer users want to access web content: “create your own in-app web browser frame,” or “send users away from your app to a browser.”

“After you’ve downloaded the OpenInChromeController class and added it to your project, you’ll be able to check if Chrome is installed, and if so, send links to Chrome with or without x-callback enabled,” expalins Google.

Additionally, you can specify whether or not to open a new tab when sending a link to Chrome.

In the example below, a YouTube user has opened a link in Chrome. “YouTube” is prominently displayed in Chrome’s back button. Touching “YouTube” returns the user to the YouTube app.

Integrate Chrome with iOS AppsSettings to off Open Gmail Links Using Google Apps in iOS

For a deeper dive and to download the code, check out the developer docs.

Google has added this feature in to the latest version of the Gmail app for iOS that opens links using other Google apps: Chrome, Google Maps and YouTube, assuming you’ve already installed them.

Those, who don’t want this feature can disable it by tapping the settings icon next to the account switcher, picking Google Apps and unchecking the apps you don’t want to handle Gmail links.

Mother’s Day is on this weekend, Google is celebrating the day with a special web page created for the moms around the world offering tips for “Mother’s Day for gift ideas, to find local flower delivery options, and for tips on how to stay connected–and to just say “thank you”.”

Google has created a new web site Good to Know to help protect senior citizens from online identity theft.

The new site is designed to help educate consumers of all ages about online threats and tools they can use to protect themselves, including information on how to protect themselves from identity theft.

Google Forms now support two new question types: “date” and “time.” Now you can add date and time questions to those questionnaires you’ve been creating.

You’ll see the option for these under “Question type” the next time you create or edit a form.

To add a question to your form, click the arrow next to the “Add item” button and select “date” or “time” from the list of question types. There’s a useful date picker, but you can also enter dates manually.

You can also customize the time questions and enable “duration” to ask questions like “how much time a day do you spend on Facebook every day?”.

Google Forms Date type questionGoogle Forms date and time question

Google Drive now allow “right-click sharing” files from your folder for more quickly share with others directly from the Google Drive folder on your Mac or PC.

To share a file while inside your Google Drive folder, simply right click the file, select “Google Drive” and then click “Share.”

This new feature is rolling out over the next few days.

Righ-click file sharing in Google Drive on Mac and Windows

Google has quitely killed the “more results near” link on local search results for queries with local intent. Google’s Jade Wang in a forum thread explain, it was removed to “improve the local search experience”:

We’ve seen some questions about the small update to local search user interface on Google (removal of “More results near…” link) –

Thanks for your feedback about the small update to the local search user interface on Google. This is one of several updates we’re working on to improve the local search experience, with the goal of more seamless exploration of places and more integration of local data. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Update 05/09: In the latest update to Sheets in Google Drive, Google now lets you quickly rename of your sheet tabs.

Rather than opening up a separate dialog box, you can now rename a sheet tab inline by double clicking it. Plus, when you move around a sheet, you’ll notice that the tabs animate and slide around — similar to browser tabs in +Google Chrome.

Quicker renaming of Sheets in Google Drive

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