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3 Easy Steps to Switch from Gmail to Hotmail – How to Sync Multiple Google Calendars With Windows Phone?

HotmailFollowing, this week’s, Google CEO Larry Pages’s statement to Googlers at a Friday staff event after the Search Plus Your World launch: “This is the path we’re headed down – a single unified, ‘beautiful’ product across everything. If you don’t get that, then you should probably work somewhere else.” — which followed Google’s revising its rivacy policies making it easier to share on Google+, an Inside Windows Live blog posted 3 easy steps to switch from Gmail to Hotmail.

In the January 26, blog post, Dharmesh Mehta writes there are now many reasons why you may want to consider leaving Gmail and giving Hotmail a try. Mehta starts with listing some of the top reasons saying why people are making the move from Gmail to Hotmail include:

“Hotmail & Facebook work well together, easy photo sharing and large attachments with SkyDrive integration, handling graymail, and Hotmails compatibility with Office Web Apps, noting that “Gmail doesn’t work well with Office”.”

Mehta then follows to write how to make the switch in three easy step for you to ready to go!:

  1. Create a Hotmail account. If you don’t already have one, you need to create a Hotmail account. The best way to do this is to get a new email address either @hotmail.com or @ live.com. Or, if you already have an email address you want to keep using, you can keep using it and sign up here. You don’t have to use our domain.
  2. Import your old messages from Gmail. You’ll probably want to keep your old email and contacts so we’ve made it simple to bring them in. TrueSwitch is an easy tool which will import your email and contacts and forward any new email to Hotmail for 90 days. Go to the TrueSwitch site and follow the steps there. When you sign back in to Hotmail, you’ll notice that it’s beginning to import your emails (this could take a few hours if you have a lot of emails to bring over).
  3. Connect your Gmail account. This step is optional, but if you want to make sure you receive future messages from Gmail, you can have Hotmail automatically get all new emails that are sent to your old Gmail account. These are the steps to connect your accounts:
    • a. In your inbox, click Options and then More options.
    • b. Click Sending/receiving email from other accounts.
    • c. Click Add an email account.
    • d. Provide your Gmail account details.

Mehta goes on to say that you can add other accounts too–from Yahoo, AOL, or other providers, and shared the following video showing how to do this, for those who prefer visual instruction over maual:

Windows Phone team now made it possible to show appointments from multiple Google Calendars on your Windows Phone 7.5.

“To add them, just go to m.google.com/sync on your phone. Once you’ve logged in, select your device and the calendars you want to sync (you can choose up to 25–if you’re really that organized). Tap Save and you’re done! Note that your new calendars won’t show up until your phone’s next sync with Google’s servers–every 30 minutes by default. To make them show up sooner, you’ll need to do a manual sync,” explains Michael Stroh.

Sync Multiple Google Calendars to Windows Phone

Stroh notes, “Multiple calendar support wasn’t the only goodie Google announced today. The company has also now made it possible to search for Gmail messages that haven’t been downloaded to your phone yet.”

For more detailed instructions, refer to this KB2430181 article:

  1. From the Start screen on your Windows Phone, flick left to the App list, and then tap Internet Explorer.
  2. Tap , located at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Settings.
  3. Locate Website preference, and tap Mobile version from the drop-down list. Press the back button on your phone to return to Internet Explorer.
  4. Tap the address bar, and enter http://m.google.com/sync. If this is your first time visiting, tap Sign in with your Google Account.
  5. As soon as you’re signed in, select your phone from the device list.

    Note if you have multiple devices and don’t know which one to select, yours should be listed as WindowsPhone and have a “Last sync” date value that is recent.

  6. Under the headings My Calendars and Shared Calendars, tap the check box next to each calendar that you want to sync with your phone. Tap Save. Note the additional calendars selected will show up after your phone’s next sync with Google (every 30 minutes by default).
  7. Start a manual sync with Google to see your new calendars by going to the Start screen on your Windows Phone. Flick left to the App list, and then tap Settings . Tap Email+accounts. Tap and hold the Google account, and tap Sync.
  8. To see your new Google calendars, go to Calendar on your phone. You should now see appointments for your secondary Google calendars. If you want to configure what calendars display, tap , and then tap Settings.
    Note All Google calendars selected in step 6 should now show up and be turned on.

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