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2011 Google April Fools’ Day Hoaxes

So, we’re now reaching the end of the day, the April 1st (April Fools’ Day), here’s a recap of what Google products (hoaxes) are launched during the day:

  1. Gmail Motion is a new way to control Gmail using body language.”

    There’s also Google Docs Motion, “a new way to collaborate — using your body”.

    Opera had a similar hoax two years ago: Opera Face Gestures.

  2. AdWords unveiled “old school” ad units in Display Ad Builder. The formats available are as follows: “Punch the Monkey”, “Click here for smileys”, “LOLcat”, “Dancing .gif”, “Congratulations, you’ve won”, “Pop ups galore”, and “Scratch off”.

  3. Google Voice unveiled “Voice-alyzer” — “With Voice-alyzer enabled, our IVR will prompt you to spell everyday words with your keypad, like “embarrassed”, “dizzy” or “Czechoslovakia”, before we connect your call. If the Voice-alyzer determines that you are not in a fit state to be having a conversation, it will prevent the call from connecting and send you a text message with contact info for 3 local cab companies instead.”

  4. Google China invented teleportation. “Through the search is to let Google take you through time and space, most want to reach your arrival time, place, with an immersive way to perceive everything you want to perceive.”

  5. Google hires autocompleters. “Are you passionate about helping people? Are you intuitive? Do you often feel like you know what your friends and family are thinking and can finish their thoughts before they can? Are you an incredibly fast Google searcher? Like, so fast that you can do 20 searches before your mom does 1?” If you’ve “good typing skills (at least 32,000 WPM)”, you’re willing to “relocate to obscure places like Nauru and Tuvalu to develop knowledge of local news and trends” and you have a “certificate in psychic reading”, then you can get a job at Google.

  6. Search for Helvetica or Comic Sans using Google, and you’ll have a little surprise.

  7. YouTube presents the top viral videos in 1911. “Today, we celebrate 100 years of YouTube, and we thought we would reflect on our inaugural year with a re-print of our first blog post from 1911. In honor of this milestone, today’s homepage is a reproduction of how you might have viewed it 100 years ago. Check out some of the most popular videos of the time and be sure to try out our new upload mode which summons a horse-drawn carriage to pick up your video submission from your home.”

  8. Google Body Browser was replaced by Google Cow.

  9. Contoso has gone Google. “As a subsidiary of a traditional software company, we went against the grain and switched all 1,200 Contoso employees across nine continents to the cloud.”
  10. Google Maps and Google Earth now features real-world sightings. “As part of this experiment, we’ve added 10 images to the map based on stories we’ve heard from our users. As is common with betas, we’ll evaluate interest and engagement with this feature before determining future rollout plans.” “It all started with a recent visit to my friend Nessie in Boston. As I crossed the bridge into town, the car in front of me stopped short so I slammed on the brakes. The cars next to me were also stopped, so I got out to see what was causing the back up.”

    There was a huge, red lobster sitting on the bridge.

  11. Meow Me Now, lets you find the kittens near you. You can find kittens either by searching for [kittens] on google.com on your Android or iOS device, or by using the Near Me Now drop-down feature on the Google homepage.

  12. Google acquiring Blogger. “Understandably, you probably have lots of questions about what this means for Blogger and Blogger users. Below, we’ve put together some initial answers to many of the biggest questions. More info will be available as we figure it out. Thanks for your support as we transfer into this next exciting phase.”
  13. Seriously great typists may apply to be autocompleters. “As a Google Autocompleter, you’ll be expected to successfully guess a user’s intention as he or she starts typing instantly. In a fraction of a second, you’ll need to type in your prediction that will be added to the list of suggestions given by Google. Don’t worry, after a few million predictions you’ll grow the required reflexes.”

  14. Google Blimps Ads: the inevitable new ad platform. “With your text ads on our brand new fleet of gBlimps, you can reach an even wider audience and capitalize on many new targeting options, including blimp height and location. You can even target special events like football games, outdoor concerts, meteor showers, and more. The possibilities are endless!”

  15. New sessions added to Google I/O. “We’ve added NEW! sessions, covering web technologies of the future. We think this new lineup of speakers, tracks, and sessions will arm you with the tools you need to become tomorrow’s innovators and pioneers of the Internet revolution. Check out the Google I/O page and hit our guestbook to let us know what you think.”
  16. ChromeLite is an even faster version of Chrome browser you know and love. ChrimeLite — the extension which brings you the web as it was originally conceived: nothing but pure text, presented in an aesthetically pleasing monochrome palette.

  17. Google Voice Search became available in Pig Latin language. “Our Pig Latin Voice Search is even more fun than our other languages, because when you speak in Pig Latin, our speech recognizer not only recognizes your piggy speech but also translates it automagically to normal English and does a Google search.”

  18. Chrome’s team came up with Chromercise, a finger fitness program that helps you increase your hands’ strength and dexterity. “Some existing finger exercise programs focus on upgrading your digits’ cardiovascular strength and musculature; others focus on dexterity. Chromercise’s unique blend of aerobic motion and rhythmic accompaniment covers all of the above while simultaneously tightening and toning your fingers’ actual appearance,” informs Chrome’s blog.

    Check out the video because it’s really funny (probably the funniest Google hoax this year):

  19. Google Analytics Gift Cards Beta for redeeming in any Google Analytics profile for additional intelligence in your Intelligence reports. And the great part is, you can give them away to friends or colleagues who you think could benefit from more Intelligence. They’re the perfect gift for your boss’s upcoming birthday.

    “The Gift Cards offer the new Intelligence Alerts in amounts of 5, 10 and 500 – for people who really, really need more Intelligence. They’re still in beta, but should be available in a store near you at some point in the coming weeks most likely, or not.”

  20. Deprecating Equine-Frame Embedding. “Although equine-frame embedding of YouTube moving pictures was launched with great huzzabulloo a few short months ago, we regret that we can no longer recommend this horsey practice. While playback quality was smashing, bareback riding quality invariably suffered as a result of the large projector apparatus embedded in the horse’s frame.”

    As an alternative, we suggest a return to the traditional practice of affixing a portrait of your local constable to the mane of your steed for entertainment on-the-go. When your horse gallops, it’ll look like the officer is dancing the hully-gully.”

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