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13 Features to Bulletproof Internet Explorer 7

In order to comprehend the effort that Microsoft has put behind enhancing the security of Internet Explorer 7 you have to get an insight on the set of features integrated in the browser with the sole  purpose of adding protection. No less than 13 features work in concert to bulletproof IE7. Firefox currently has a clean reputation as far as security is concerned. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer suffers in this aspect, but I suspect that, in time, things will change. Let’s have a look at the 13 features mentioned above, shall we?

Protect Mode is available only in Internet Explorer 7 running on Windows Vista, but is a great addition in terms of user protection because the browser is isolated from all the other programs on the operating system. No exploits or malicious code can access resources outside the Temporary Internet Files by default.

ActiveX Opt-In will switch off all preinstalled ActiveX controls, reducing the attack areas of the browser. Users will still be able to manage ActiveX controls through the information bar or the Add-on Manager.

The Phishing Filter is an example of proactive technology that safeguards the user against phishing web sites.

Fix My Settings is a feature that will automatically inform the users if the browser’s security settings have been tampered with in a manner that will result in exposure to risks and help them mitigate eventual issues.

URL Handling Security illustrates the redesigned URL parsing. Through revamping URL parsing, Microsoft has taken the necessary steps to ensure the centralization of critical data parsing and the enhancement of process and data consistency.

When the Address Bar in Internet Explorer 7 becomes green or red, it will be because of the High Assurance SSL certificates. The feature is aimed at providing visual reference and validation for certified and untrusted websites.

Via Delete Browsing History, users will be able to erase cached pages, passwords, form data, cookies, and history, all from a single location.

Through Parental Controls, the browsing behavior of children can be easily controlled. Microsoft has also added support for Internationalized Domain Name Support in IE7. And in order to prevent malformed sites from emulating trusted addresses, Address Bar protection only presents a read-only bar.

Security Status Bar will display color-coded notifications next to the Address Bar. Microsoft additionally protects against the interaction of web scripts with content in other domains or windows with cross-domain barriers. Finally, the browser can run in Add-ons Disabled Mode, with only the critical system add-ons enabled.


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