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Microsoft in a letter sent to Zune Pass users announced that some features are now being disabled, in preparation for the move over Zune Pass/Zune Music to Xbox Music, later this year.The changes rolling out on August 31st, bringing in some significant changes with following features going off as per Microsoft's e-mail:Zune Social is all […]

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, Microsoft announced a bundle of blockbuster games led by Halo 4 and also unveiled new content and entertainment experiences for Xbox LIVE and smart devices (PCs, tablets and phones) including: Xbox SmartGlass, Internet Explorer for Xbox, and new TV, movie and music offerings.Mehdi notes, that since […]

Microsoft may be planning to unveil a new stremaing music service that complement to the current Zune Music platform at E3. The new service, code named "Woodstock", would replace the current but neglected Zune music service, and run under the Xbox brand, according to the Verge. Woodstock seems to be the Spotify-like service Microsoft has […]

Microsoft just announced two changes to the Windows Phone Marketplace shopping experience that developers should be aware of. First, the company is removing the option to browse and buy Windows Phone apps from the Zune PC software. This change started rolling out this afternoon. Second, in the coming weeks, Microsoft will also start requiring that […]

Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace reaching 80,000 apps just a couple of days ago -- the company has been helping fund the development of some apps with up to $600,000.The company has also been offering Windows Phone devices to developers for some time now, so they can test out their apps without having to simulate it […]

Desktop IT pros are faced with several methods to deliver Microsoft Office to client computers. Office offers a wide range of deployment options, ranging from the well proven setup program MSI installation to VDI, terminal services, and application virtualization.This session discusses approaches to delivering Office 2010 to your users, from UI and access considerations to […]

Microsoft rolling out a new billing portal dubbed Microsoft Your Account, which replaces the old portal ( According to the help page, the portal "will allow you to view at once all of your purchases, payments, subscriptions and accounts from various Microsoft services including Hotmail, Office, Zune, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, and Windows 8," reports […]

Microsoft might soon announce a new "Music" service designed for Xbox users, as well as for the Windows Phones owners. According to CNet article, the Redmond software giant is in talks with with some of the major record companies about creating a music service to serve Xbox and an upcoming Windows-based phone.The article reports "The […]