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Google Offers in Washington, D.C. starting January 23, will be showcasing several of the top Zagat rated restaurants.

Google OffersZagat Resturants on Google Offers in D.C.

“If you’re a Google Offers subscriber in Washington, D.C., Google will send you an email featuring a special deal for a Zagat rated restaurant. If you’re not a subscriber to Google Offers in Washington, D.C. make sure you sign up so you won’t miss out on these fantastic offers,” Guli Zhu, Business Analyst, Google Offers stated.

To subscribe to Google Offers in Washington, D.C. and other locations across the U.S., please visit: www.google.com/offers. And check out our free Google Offers app for Android to find and buy great deals on the go.

In other Google prodcuts news; Google is currently testing a new interface for iGoogle homepage, that uses the same Google+ design which Google has made available to most of its prodcuts and services last year. In the new iGoogle interface “tabs are now available in a dropdown displayed under the search box, while the left sidebar is used for the chat widget.”

There are also two new buttons for adding gadgets and changing the theme next to the options menu.

iGoogle Homepage inspired by Google+

Google Test new iGoogle homepgae UI

Google recently redesigned its Google account homepage, and the redesigned form now includes new fields: name, gender (required for Google+) and mobile phone number. Now, you are requrired to create a Gmail account, a Google Profile, and you’ll automatically be added Google+ — and will automatically become the part to increase the user base of Google+ users (currently at 90 million) and the number of Gmail users (currently at 350 million).

“Your Google Account is more than just Search. Talk, chat, share, schedule, store, organize, collaborate, discover and create. Use Google products from Gmail to Google+ to YouTube, view your search history, all with one username and password, all backed up all the time and easy to find at (you guessed it) Google.com,” informs the page.

However, Google Docs, Google Sites and Google Groups still uses a different page for sign ups letting you sing using a Gmail address or a different email account. Just click “use a different email” and you’ll see the old form.

A Google spokesperson sent the following statement:

“We’re working to develop a consistent sign-up flow across our different products as part of our efforts to create an intuitive, beautifully simple, Google-wide user experience. Making it quick and easy to create a Google Account and a Google profile enables new users to take advantage of everything Google can offer.”

Old Google Account sign up form is still accessible, just click “Sign up for a new Google Account” in Google Calendar, Blogger and probably a few other Google products.

New Google Account sign up page:

Google Account Sign up page Updates

Google Account Signup now requred to Gmail, Google Profile, automatically creates google+ account

Old Google Account signup:

Old Google Account sign page

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