YouTube Paid Channels - YouTube Analytics API Launches

YouTube "Paid channels" pilot program for a small group of partners with subscription fees starting at $0.99 per month launches. Get YouTube statistics in a direct JSON or CSV format through YouTube Analytics API.

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YouTube, now has more than one million channels generating revenue on the online video network offering creators more flexibility in monetizing and distributing content with the launch of a new pilot program called "Paid Channels."

The program is currenlty available to a small group of partners and the list includes 53 channels with subscription fees starting at $1-7/month per month, depending on the channel.

Every channel has a 14-day free trial, and many offer discounted yearly rates. For example, Sesame Street will be offering full episodes on their paid channel when it launches.

"You might run into more of these channels across YouTube, or look here for a list of pilot channels. Once you subscribe from a computer, you'll be able to watch paid channels on your computer, phone, tablet and TV, and soon you'll be able to subscribe to them from more devices," informs YouTube.

YouTube notes, that it'll be rolling out paid channels more broadly in the coming weeks as a self-service feature for qualifying partners.

And as new channels appear, "we'll be making sure you can discover them, just as we've been helping you find and subscribe to all the channels you love across YouTube," Google adds.

Paid YouTube Channels

YouTube Paid Channels Pilot Program

Paid YouTube Channels Pilot Program

Update 05/11: YouTube Analytics API that includes all the standard view and engagement metrics you would expect, including views, shares, and subscriber numbers--helps you get custom reports of the YouTube statistics you care about in a direct JSON or CSV response, perfect for dashboards and ad hoc reports.

YouTube team notes, if your goal is to export all statistics for a large number of channels on a recurring basis for your data warehouse, "look forward to using the upcoming scheduled reports feature of the API, expected to launch later this year."

Compared to the previous Insight Data API, you also get:

  • "Watch metrics: Track estimated minutes watched across channel, content owner, or video, and dive into the video details with average view time and average view percentage.
  • Earning performance metrics: Track estimated earnings (net revenue) from select advertising sources across your content.
  • Ad performance metrics: Break down video performance with monetized playbacks, ad impressions, gross revenue, and cost per impression reports.
  • Annotation metrics: Optimize overlays/annotations with click through and close rate metrics," informs YouTube.

In addition to the documentation, check out the Analytics API playlist to make getting started even easier.

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