YouTube iOS App Updates to Allow Live Streaming User’s Screen

Google's YouTube app for iOS updates with the ability to live stream iPhone or iPad screens.

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Making live content creation easier and more accessible on YouTube, Google announces some new improvements live enalbing ultra low-latency, for streaming video with just a couple seconds of latency, so creators can answer questions and get viewer input during "Let's Plays" faster than ever before.

GiF below shows real-time interaction during live streaming:

Real time interaction during YouTube Live streaming
Real-time interaction during live streaming

Also, new tools launched for easier live chat moderation, like Inline moderation for quicker moderation of chat feed. Simply pause the chat feed by pressing and holding "alt/option" button on keyboard, then hover over messages to remove or approve by clicking on them. Also, you can delegate a moderator for live chat, and give trusted people the ability to remove, flag or hide messages.

Opt-in to hold potentially inappropriate messages by the system for review to approve, hide, or report.

Shared hidden user lists enable moderators to use it across comments and live chat. In future, hides will also work in both live chat and comments, regardless of where you take that action.

Stream more easily from iPhone and iPad right to the main YouTube app

YouTube by utilizing Apple's ReplayKit now allow users of iPhone and iPad to live stream more easily their screen. While streaming content on screen, users will also be able to use their device's microphone and front-facing camera to add their own audio and video commentary.

There is a restriction, as verified YouTube users with "no live streaming restrictions" are only eligible to use this feature.

The GIF image below, shows live streaming of iPhone and iPad scree content:

Live stream iPhone and iPad screen from YouTube app

Google has also updated its Google app for iOS, bringing in two new features, trending searches and instant answers.

Update 09/08: Variable speed playback, which is available for several years on web, today, comes to mobile. So, you can now speed up or slow down videos in the YouTube app on iOS and on Android devices running Android 5.0+.

Playback speed can be adjusted from 0.25x (quarter speed) to 2x (double speed) in the overflow menu of the player controls.

To check out the feature, try this, turn up volume and play the classic dramatic chipmunk at 0.5x to see an EVEN MORE dramatic chipmunk:

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